Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Have you heard about Dermalogica? it is a well know skincare brand worldwide. It is aiming for sensitive skin and keeping your skin to look at its best. Here i have a travel set that I carry with me. They are precleanse, ultra calming cleanser, multi active toner and daily microfoliant. These are the basic steps to have a healthy skin, a good cleansing!

One of the best seller is their Daily Microfoliant. It is a soft rice based powder to exfoliate the skin. It is used to remove the dead skin cells on the skin so that the cell can regenerate new skin and products for face can be absorb easily. I do exfoliate once a week though, i know it is said daily but I have a pretty sensitive skin, so once a week it is for me! 

The Papain and Salicylic Acid help to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface and it also brightens the skin to give a more radiant and healthy glow. It also helps to even out skin tones and pigmentation. All you need to do is to pour a pea size amount onto the palm, pour a tiny bit of water, mixes it and apply it onto your face. You can adjust the thickness of the paste according to your liking. I realized that my skin is brighter, smoother and the moisturizer i am using are easily absorbs into the skin.

My skin doesnt really react well with toner until i found this! A multi active toner in a spray bottle. It does make a difference with a spray bottle and without. I think the strength with a spray bottle is mild for a toner compare to the strength when i pour it onto a cotton pad. It didnt react on my skin, no redness and no irritation. It feels refreshing too! Based from my research this toner helps with acne skin, I dont really have acne that caused by external factor. My acne problem is always hormonal so i cant really give you a detailed upon this issue. I know that this is the first toner that doesnt make my skin irritated and it has a slight scent of lavender!

Now onto the ultra calming cleanser, a cleanser for the sensitive skin. This is also another great product! The cleanser has no fragrance and it doesnt lather up. The best cleanser for sensitive skin are the ones without any fragrance and that doesnt lather up with foam and soap. It feels nice on my skin and it doesnt irritate the skin. The texture is gel like and it helps to calm my skin.

This pre cleanse step is amazing! it is an oil based cleanser to remove your makeup and dirt on the skin. It dissolve the makeup (well i was using makeup at that time) very easily and it feel very moisturizing on the skin and it actually remove the makeup very clean! 


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