Thursday, March 29, 2018


Jakarta 13th February 2018, every women are bound and will have a special moment in their life. Let it be with their partner, career, friends or family. I know that we as women want to look stunning and will find a way to make them attractive. One way to enhance your natural beauty and aura is through scents such as perfume. Not only for the body, our hair do need a touch of the best scent. 
P&G is introducing the first perfume shampoo from Rejoice Indonesia. Generally, women love to maintain the beautiful scent on their body. It is relaxing and it does boost your confidence. What we dont know is, we forgot our hair area. Pamela Camargo as the communication Manager P&G Asia Pacific added this is the first perfume shampoo in Indonesia. A combination of softness, gentle and of course, the fresh and romantic fragrance from this shampoo. Rejoice Perfume shampoo is inspired by French peonies.

Marie - Emilie Lascaus, P&G Scientist mentioned that Rejoice Perfume Shampoo is created by a bunch of experts in perfumery. The fragrance will add that comfort feeling on our hair and ourself among the public. It will triggered our sensory feeling and it will make us think we are wearing perfume on our body. There are three parts in this perfume: Top, Middle and Bottom. The top note in perfumery is the aroma that you smell when you open the bottle cap and in this shampoo it is the aroma of English Pear, Red Berries and Muguet. The middle note is when we are washing our hair with Rejoice Perfume Shampoo and the scent we can smell are the French Peonies and Freesia. The Bottom Note is once our hair is dry and it is going to smell of Asian Apricot, Musk and Amber.

Michelle Ziudith as the brand ambassador of Rejoice Indonesia, is really excited to welcome this new range of shampoo from Rejoice. She loves the fragrance and it makes her daily activities more positive. I myself have tried this. I need a shampoo for my gym bag and I thought, well why not? I tried it, as soon as the shampoo is pour onto my palm, you can smell how amazing it is and you know i love that floral-y scent so this is amazing! It lathers nicely to my whole hair and it doesnt leave any harsh or dry after wash feeling on my hair. The texture of the shampoo is rather thick and this is probably why and how it lathers so nicely on my hair.


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Theresia Feegy


Nurul Dwi Larasati said...

Michelle Ziudith is deserve as bran ambassador the new variant Rejoice shampoo. Young and fresh.

Graciella Shiaryn said...

Sampai ketemu next event kak! :)

Graciella // @gegeciella

Stefan Forge said...

Appreciate this post. Will try it out. netflix login member