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Who havent heard of Ponds? It is one of the leading anti aging brand in Indonesia from PT Unilever Indonesia. Happy 10th Anniversary to you for being loyal and amazing to your customer. Did you know that Ponds has three new brand ambassador? They are Bunga Citra Lestari, Becky Tumewu and Jenahara. 

 Alrighty girls and boys, As i am already in the category if thirty, I decided to start on my anti aging skincare routine. Yes pretty late but hey! it is better late than never right? I would like to recommend these complete range from Ponds Age Miracle. If you are a beginner in skincare and confused which products to buy, just start with moisturizer and eye cream. 

As we hit the thirty categories, women will face two major changes and they are the skin cell regeneration will slow down and of course our maturity. We are prone to stress and stress will affect onto our skin. I tried not to be too stress full and I am practicing myself to think positively and of course, leave everything in God's hand.

Our skin needs more nutrients as we hit 30s, therefore Ponds provide these nutrients specifically for our skin to prevent and slow down the aging process. The outside factors such as dust, uv rays and air conditioner also play a part to our aging process. Aging symptoms are shown through fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin and dark spots. 

What makes Ponds Age Miracle different from the rest is it contains a patented anti aging formula that Ponds created to work for 24 hours that is known as Retinol C Complex that has the ability to blurred out the fine lines and brighten the skin.

BCL, Becky Tumewu and Jenahara are three witnesses that have experience the magic of Ponds Anti Aging Age Miracle cream. As you know they are public figures that have tons of hectic activities and they are also mothers and wife. So me being the curious human being, I decided to give these a try.

The ones that i got are Ponds Age Miracle Day Cream SPF 18++ , Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream and Ponds Age Miracle Eye Cream. When I tried these three, I realized they all have a similar scent so if you are very sensitive to fragrance, you might want to do a deeper research on this. I am alright with fragrance as long as they are not pungent. Ponds Age Miracle Day Cream has a pink-ier color, thicker consistency and a refreshing scent. It is thicker as I expected due to its SPF. If you are a person who tend to skin or forgot to apply sunscreen, I do recommend you to get a moisturizer with an SPF in it. Blending and absorption ability is alright, it took a few moments for me to massage it in and settle into my skin but well it has spf so it is understand-able if it takes to absorb. It isnt that sticky and it is moisturizing

Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream has a more thinner consistency, easily absorb and less pink-ier shade. I think i just love with the pink color of these cream. For the Night Cream, i personally feel that it is easier to blend, easier and faster to absorb into the skin and it has the similar fragrance. It is still moisturizing regardless the consistency. If you want a more thicker protection for the skin at night, apply twice.

Ponds Age Miracle Eye Cream is used twice in a day for me. I am taking a step higher in aging prevention so now, eye cream for day and night. The eye cream itself is in a medium consistency, not too thin and not too thick, it absorbs into the skin nicely and faster. It doesnt sting my eyes area which is the number one thing i look for as we know our eyes area are very sensitive.

Here are the swatches from morning cream, night cream to eye cream. As you can see the morning cream has a thicker texture and the night cream with the eye cream has a similar texture. Overall, if you are looking for anti aging moisturizer that is easy to find, this is one of the brand I would recommend. With an SPF in the day cream, it will give an extra protection to your skin for daily activities!


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