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Good day my readers. I have come to realized how in trend are the brow tint. Yes i am a curious cat therefore i got this brow gel tint from IG @elsyoung and i got mine in brown. It comes in two colors if i am not mistaken but since i have eyebrow embroidery done, i decided to pick brown so that it is natural on me.

I love the product packaging. Minimalist, chic yet cute. Elsyoung is an online store that provides korean skincare and makeup brand that you cant find it here. Their prices are also reasonable and that is why i am a big loyal customer to them. Recently i purchased Benton Sunscreen from them. 

This product comes in a box but you know me, i have a tendency to throw the box away. In the box it comes with an instruction sheet which i also throw it away but i will post every detail in this blog or if i missed anything, just ask away :)

I have been very curious when it comes to brow gel tint but i stopped myself from buying as i found the prices in the malls are pretty steep until i found one from elsyoung. The brow gel tint is in a shape like a mascara but instead of a mascara wand, it has bristle like some of the lip glosses have. I also realized that this has a narrow small opening and it was pretty tight to pull away the wand from the bottle. I think it is purposely done so that you dont use a lot of product or not many gel are goes to waste.

Alright, product packaging wise is just normal, easy to use and helpful to make it clean and spill-proof. Now how about the gel itself? The first impression that I got when i took the wand out was the gel is in a thick texture. It has an uncomfortable scent not going to lie to you. 

To use it is pretty simple and quick, since i have my eyebrows done, i just applied it straight following my eyebrow shape. If you dont have a neat eyebrows, i recommend to draw it first then fill it in with this gel. Application wise was easy but you gotta be patient and neat to have a good finished result. I think the thick texture of the gel helps a lot in shaping and filling the brows. It doesnt spill or easily smear. Once it is placed, it settled onto the brows.

The instruction sheet mentioned that you need to leave it for 1 hour but i personally think if you can, leave it for as long as you want to have a more vivid color. I waited for mine to wait for an hour though. Once it is dry, it still feels comfortable on my brows, it doesnt feel tight or pulled instead it feels like rubber, it follows your eyebrows. All you need to do it to peel it off and no it doesnt hurt nor pulled away my brows. 

As you can see from above, it is the result after 1 hour. I personally love it! The brown shade leaves a natural look so i dont have to draw my eyebrow again. As you can see i didnt do it neatly which is why i recommend you to be patient but hey! you can see the swatch of the brown shade right? 

Overall, i think this product is very handy and practical if you are too lazy to draw your brows. The thick gel texture helps in shaping and forming the brows, also due to its texture, it helps with the spreading of the product evenly and easily. However the scent is not amazing though but yes i still recommend this product for you if you want an easy quick way to draw your brows and make it last the whole day. By the way, the swatch at the back of my hands are there for almost 5 days now.


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