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Hello girls! Welcome to my blog. Today we are going to review and test Senka Indonesia Perfect Whip Facial Foam. Did you know that Senka is a brand develop under Shiseido? Senka is a Japanese skincare brand that is affordable with a highly effective skin care range from cleansers to makeup removers. Senka has been in the beauty industry for 8 years and since then, it has become a brand that dominates facial foam in Japan. This specific Senka Perfect Whip has become the number one products that is loved worldwide especially in Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hongkong, China and USA. Each of their products formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Rich White Cocoon Essence Foam that is gentle on the skin. 
On the 14th of December, i got another opportunity to attend Senka Indonesia with Beauty Journal Sociolla. Sociolla is Indonesia's trusted and most complete online shopping destination, offering authentic beauty product ranging from makeup, skin care hair care, fragrance and beauty tools, serving women across Indonesia. Sociolla is the pioneer of the first beauty e-commerce in Indonesia and known for creative branding strategy trough its online and offline activations. Beauty Journal is a part of Sociolla that is also a pioneer as the first media that has built in commerce in Indonesia and integrated with Sociolla and beauty link through SOCO acount with a mission to fulfill beauty needs of Indonesian women. 

Before i share my experience attending this event, I have never ever try Senka. Although I have heard about it and my sister bugged when I went to Japan to get her this. Literally she would message me often to remind me to get her this. Jesslyn also, another beauty blogger and a friend of mine, requested this product as well. That got me curious but I didnt have the chance to try it out until I attend the beauty soiree with Sociolla x Beauty Journal. 

Facial cleansers has become one of the essential beauty routines to achieve that healthy, fresh and problem free skin. Sociolla collaborating with Shiseido Group to launch the no.1 facial foam in Japan, Senka, to Indonesia. It is the number one selling in Japan with its mission and vision for women to have a healthy, clean skin. 

The event took place in SKYE56, i have never been there, so can you imagine the excitement? double the fun! I sat nearby the window and the whole atmosphere is very exclusive. I arrived kind of late so once I sat down, the waitress took my order. As the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Sociolla, Ms. Chrisanti Indiana explained that as a pioneer in beauty focused e-commerce in Indonesia, Sociolla always strive to bring beauty bands and products to the Indonesian market selectively. Senka is seen as a brand with good quality and affordable price for indonesian market. Sociolla is a distributor partner for Shiseido brand but for Senka, it has become the sole sub distributor to distribute the products online and offline. 

Ms. Ayako Tokuyama, president director of PT Shiseido Cosmetic Indonesia added that they would like to reach a younger market and introduce the best quality of Japanese products through Senka. They have chosen Sociolla to do the task. The event was really fun, a sharing session with Suhay Salim, another beauty influencer that I know and she is a fun person to be with! Of course we had lunch and games! I am usually not a game person but today's game is fun. We had to make foam and fill in the glass bowl. 

As I mentioned above, Senka is a skincare brand under Shiseido that released products such as cleanser, makeup remover and sunscreen that are formulated to keep the skin healthy and moisturized. Senka Perfect Whip is the first product that is released in Indonesia, a facial cleanser suitable for all skin types. It is formulated with Double Hyaluronic acid that keeps the moisture level balance and hydrates the skin, White cocoon essence to make this facial foam 5x denser for a maximum cleansing process yet gentle on the skin. Senka has 5 main promises: to thoroughly research and identify your needs, to create innovative products, to sell safe and trustworthy Japanese products, to focus on the quality and an environmentally friendly products. 

Senka holds its promises and i love it when people or brands keep their promises. The packaging is simple yet easy to use. The first thing I realized after using this product is how smooth and bouncy my skin feels. It feels like my skin has a lot of moisture in it and it just made my skin feels very soft and supple. From that moment, i knew why my sister and Jess really like it. I am going to stock it up soon!

Aside from the visible result that I love, the texture of this facial foam is pretty thick and white, so make sure to use it a small amount and you can use it straight away or use a foaming net and make the foam then apply it onto your face. You can use a shower puff to create the foam or simply use the palm of your hand and rubbed both hands to create the foam. The scent of this product is subtle with a tint of floral aroma. The foam that it made, feels very soft and comfortable on the skin and there is no irritation on my skin. When it comes to removing makeup, i never try it as I am always doing a double cleansing routine especially after a long day of makeup wearing. 

Overall,  I really recommend this product for you all out there. I have a combination skin, normal to oily and probably dehydrated at some areas and this facial foam is very comfortable on my skin and the result makes my skin feels fresh and young. Like a baby skin, well not the look but the feeling of after using it. 

Senka Perfect Whip is available on Sociolla for RP 65.000 (120gr) and RP 27.000 (40gr) 
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