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Do you know how excited I was to know that Corine De Farme has released its micellar eye makeup remover? I used Corine De Farme products ages ago and this is beauty and skincare brand from France. Today, I will be sharing with your our events with Sociolla x Beauty Journal and Corine De Farme
On 13th December I was one lucky blogger to be able to attend to Corine De Farme with Beauty Journal *thank you for having me!* and truth be told, i didnt have the slightest idea what the product was until I arrived. The event took place in Harlequin Bistro, a spot where I have been wanting to go for a very long time.

The event started with the MC introducing about the day's rundown, then a brief introduction about Corine De Farme by Ms. Nurhayati and Ms Mira Monika welcoming us with her warm greetings. We also have a few influencers like Tyna Kanna Mirdad, Helua (The Lipstick Mafia), Lyla Andalucia, Tasya Farasya and Janine Intansari. Tyna was giving and sharing with us her experience with the new eye makeup remover from Corine De Farme. Later on we had games where we were put into groups and had to do a face paint onto the models. I was in the same group with Tasya Farasya, girl! she is gorgeous and her skin is flawless! Also, she is very humble and funny. Long story short, we didnt win because well, our group somehow has the same similarities to find face paint design that is simple and quick *hahaha* but it was all fun! 

Tyna Kanna Mirdad shared her experienced using eye makeup remover and she wears contact lenses which made her to take them off before cleansing the eyes area. As soon as she tries Corine De Farme Micellar Eye Makeup Remover, she can removed her eye makeup easily without taking off her contacts. Incredible right? She also shared how to remove eyeliner on the tight line and on the upper lash line, this is useful if you have eye lash extension, she folded the cotton pad in half, pour a pea amount of Corine De Farme Micellar Eye Makeup Remover and gently placed it onto the eyes area and  remove it from left to right.

Alright, I really am excited and eager to share this review with you! There is something different about this makeup remover and probably the first makeup remover that is differ from the rest. If you look in detailed, this makeup remover is a Micellar Eye Makeup Remover. They dont use any plain liquid solution but it is the Micellar water solution. We all know that Micellar technology is well known for removing dirt and makeup off from the skin. It is silicon free and it is safe to the contacts wearer. The formula and ingredients within this makeup remover isnt sticky, it is able to lift up any makeup, dirty and pollution off from the skin perfectly well, the combination of oil and micellar water are balanced to protect the eyes area. 

Aside from the amazing micellar technology, it is also contains natural ingredients like cornflower extract all the way from France. Not only it protects, moisturized the skin but it will enhance and strengthen the lashes *exactly what i need* Every product from Corine De Farme are tested by the specialist and professionals especially for this specific micellar eye makeup remover, ophthalmologist took their part in perfecting the formula so it is very safe for softlens wearer and sensitive skin. 

I am very pleased to see not only this is a makeup remover but it contains micellar water, so double the power! There are eye makeup remover that doesnt have the strength to remove a waterproof and smudgeproof makeup. There are times when the skin around my eyes got really sore when I tried to remove my eye makeup. I tried using Corine De Farme Micellar Eye Makeup Remover and it removed 90% of the makeup! All I did was to pour some onto a cotton pad, placed it onto my eyes and wait for a few seconds before swiping it away. The ones that are harder to remove but eventually it is gone away from my eyes are false lashes glue. Now if you dont know, I cant live without falsies and I always wear them whenever we have events. The glue that I use for my falsies is the glue that I use for my brides so you know the strength, VERY powerful. It is amazing to see this makeup remover is able to remove it within 3 swipes.

As for the scents, it is not that strong which makes it even more comfortable to use it. The oil (cornflower extract) helps to moisture the skin around the eyes area and yes my eyes didnt feel sore at all after using this. It is non sticky and it is effective in lifting and removing my eye makeup. I can feel a refreshing sensation after using this.

Below are the pictures of testing this product. What I have on my skin is a bridal makeup that I applied onto myself and this makeup remover is amazing in removing it. I did it twice to get it clear and clean. 

Overall, i am very happy to own one of the best Eye makeup remover from Corine De Farme. The combination of the cornflower extract, oil and micellar water within this bottle are amazing for my eyes and skin. It didnt irritate, non sticky and of course it is able to remove a waterproof and smudeproof makeup.

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