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Hello my sugar munchkins, it is almost Christmas and now i have the perfect lips colour for you from Absolute New York Indonesia #absolutelyfablips with their three new lip products : Modest Matte in Veiled, Glossy Stain in Girl next door and Perfect Duo in Hollywood.
So you know i am a lipstick junkie and I can not passed the opportunity when there is a new lip products launching. These have launched a few weeks ago but only recently i had the chance to attend their gathering. The three products we will be seeing in this posts are the ones I mentioned above.


We arent strangers to matte lipstick. Infact, everyone is obsessed with it because of it is staying power. However, based on my experience and experiment, there are lip cream that arent that great with its staying nor with its texture. I guess for me, longevity, texture, color pigmentation and its blending ability are very important. When I first tried the modest matte, I wanted the color #exposed BUT they were all sold out and I am NOT keen when it comes to brown color, infact, i dislike brown color on its own actually. Probably the one color that I would never wear. However, i pick the shade #veiled because i was left with choices of brown tones so i choose this and decided to use this as a mixing media with other lip products *smart eh?!* The modest matte is my favorite because it has all of the characteristic i want in a liquid matte lipstick. It is long lasting and smudgeproof! It took a few seconds to settle in and it spreads evenly and blend easily. The only thing i wish for is they have other shades from other color tones. 


Moving one, stain lip products probably arent my favorite. I really dont like anything that stain my lips. I think this trend is more to the Korean beauty department. However, i pick the color girl next door to balance out the modest matte lipstick that i got. The girl next door glossy stain has a warm pink with a tint of fuchsia tone in it. It has a smooth texture, it spreads even on the lips and if you love a good visible stain to give that natural lip color, you will love this! The first thing I realized is that it does leave a natural stain and with this color, it leaves a natural pink color on my lips. The texture is glossy but not thick. It feels lightweight for a gloss.


A combination pair of a lip liner and a lipstick, well that is how i see it. The way to use this is to create a gradation on your lips. You can go from dark to light like the Korean style of vice versa like the western style. I personally love korean lip gradation and there are 7 shades but i decided to pick this color because the red lip liner that i can used on my clients and the orangey peach lipstick that is natural on my skin and probably other people skin tone too! I love peach. 
This duo pair, i realized that it is moisturizing therefore it is so easy to apply, glides easily and spread evenly. The color pigmentation is amazing! however due to its texture, it is not long lasting but hey!you can always re apply it :) 

Here are the swatches of these lip products. 

Overall, i am impressed with all of them, these three products have high color pigmentation, great smooth texture, and easy to blend. Longevity wise, it is based on the formula and the texture on each of the products but mostly, aside from the modest matte, i am quite impressed with the glossy stain. The stain it leaves shows a great color payoff unlike any other products and it is pretty hard to remove.


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