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Hello my ladies! Since Purbasari hits the beauty market hard (In a good way of course) with their matte lipstick and lip cream, i am here to announce that they will be launching a new range of cosmetics products such as Foundation, compact powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner and eye brow (yes i am aware that they are out in the market as well but not as a big hit as their lippies).

I am one of the luckiest person that is able to try and test them out with Beauty Journal and Sociolla. The event "Meet Your True Matte" took place in Kembang Kencur and it was a lovely surrounding, very cosy and relaxing. It was pretty far from my location but hey! anything for beauty right? Once we arrived there, of course, I took the opportunity to jump onto the showcase table where they have the complete range and collection of makeup from Purbasari from their infamous Matte Lipstick to Lip Cream and the new products i have not seen before are: Liquid Foundation, Oil control powder, Triple Action compact powder and eyeshadow. Along with the rest, there are the eyeliner and brow pencil.

The event started with the MC introducing about the event, a warm welcome by Ms Mira and of course an introduction about Purbasari by Ms. Christia. We also have Linda Kayhz sharing about her beauty holy grail and she mentioned that her review on Purbasari Lip cream and Matte lipstick are the highest views. It was a great sharing moment with these lovelies beauty lovers. It is not a soiree with Beauty Journal if we dont have a game. I am not a big fan of games but I can be if it is beauty game! We gathered in team and had to applied makeup onto the model at each station. There were 3 stations where it was for eyes, lips and face. Although my team wanted me to do the whole makeup, I thought it would be fair if I let them contribute, so I did the eyes station and the rest, i let the team member. I love a good teamwork. 

The event closed with a mingle moment and some snacks. I love the milk pie with cinnamon. There is something about cinnamon that I love. Now, I want to share what I think and feel. The very first Purbasari product i have tried was the Body Scrub. Yes, i have a thing for body care like scrub, shower gel, bar soap but not body lotion though I dont know why. I loved it instantly. It has a comforting scent and the scrubs itself is gentle. Then their lipstick is a hit, i didnt buy it straight away but i did though in the end. I love how their matte lipstick was amazingly affordable with a high pigmentation of color. It is not waterproof or transferproof if any of you are wondering but for the price and the color pay off i am very pleased. Moving on, I tried their Hi-Matte Lip Cream, again, i love it immediately with its texture that is very smooth, buttery and easy to blend to the color pigmentation that is high. The price is also wallet friendly and it comes in 5 basic colors. However, i wish they have it in brown tones.

If you want to see my review on their Matte Lipstick click here and for the Matte Lip Cream click here  

Perhaps you have not tried their eyebrow and eyeliner before. I owned their liquid eyeliner and it is amazing! High pigmentation of black color and dries quickly. Now i have the opportunity to try the pencil liner and eyebrow. When I tried onto the model, the eyeliner was so smooth. I can feel that it has a smooth texture and glides easily. The color payoff is also amazing, as good as the liquid eyeliner. I didnt have to put pressure on the model's eyes. For the brow pencil, it is not as smooth as the eyeliner but it still does its job. I can draw the eyebrow shape easily. The pigmentation is medium so you need to layer it up or you can add a tiny bit of pressure to get the color come out however, it is very easy to blend! The eyebrow colors come with 2 shades: black and brown.

Which one do I recommend? it depends on your liking but if you are a makeup artist, i suggest to get these two colors because, we need to be prepared of course and black color eyebrows (good ones) are pretty hard to find. Also, it is affordable. Why not right?

For the face base, we have the Liquid Foundation and compact powder. For the liquid foundation, it is light weight, the texture is smooth and easy to blend. Since it is a daily series, the pigmentation is medium so, if you love a natural daily makeup, one layer is enough but if you love a good high coverage makeup, apply another layer but make sure to leave the first layer dried and blended well. The color shades are perfect for Indonesian women so no worries if you are doubting to find your color, you will! They have in 4 different shade and again for MUA get them all to be able to mix and match. They cost below Rp 20.000 if i am not mistaken. I also love how this liquid foundation adds the right amount of glow onto the complexion. 

For the compact powder, there are two types: Oil control and triple action cake. The difference is that the oil control one is lightweight and the triple action has a slight feel to it. But then again, it is back to your own preference, some people will love the oil control one and some will love the triple action one.
The triple action has a higher coverage compare to the oil control compact powder. Since the oil control compact is to aim to control the oil, it is understandable that the result is lightweight. For me, although i have an oily skin, I would go for the triple action cake due to its higher coverage ability. Each of the powder comes with a puff.

Last but not least, their eyeshadow. Oh my! the texture is so buttery and soft. When i used it, it glides easily onto the eyelids, the color appears well and there is no fall out. The color range they have are perfect for daily and night makeup. Below is my go to colors, smokey colors. It comes with an applicator too! Within this eyeshadow trio kit, they have the basic three colors for the perfect eye makeup, the highlight, the main eyelids color and the outer V color to add that depth and illusion of a bigger eyes.

Now if you are wondering, where are the blush on? Well i didnt see that at the event. Perhaps it is on process so just wait and see :) Because i am waiting for it too! Overall, i had fun at the events, it was great having to share similar interest in beauty and of course, the event completed with some snacks.  I am pleased and proud to announce that Purbasari has breakthrough the beauty industry well with their lipsticks and I love each of their product!


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