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Welcoming Clinelle to Indonesia! A new skincare brand from our neighboring country and this is the number one seller in Singapore and Malaysia. I have received this from Clinelle Indonesia and currently as i am typing this, im trying it out. This range of Pureswiss Hydracalm series is formulated with 7 secrets to the happy skin and of course, excluding harmful ingredients that could lead to skin irritation, premature aging and deterioration to the skin health.
Clinelle skin care was first made back in 2004 and since then it has expanded throughout the Asia. Clinelle skin care has created its professional products using integrated Envinix system to free skin from a rapid in and out factors that affect the skin condition. With RX3 action it helps to repair, refine and reshield the skin for a maximum protection and result. Each of their products doesnt contain: artificial coloring, fragrance, lanolin, mineral oil, paraben, sd alcohol and comedogenic ingredients.  They are all dermatology tested and formulated in France, USA and Korea.

The Clinelle Pureswiss Hydracalm series offers an up to 72 hours hydration with Natural Hyaluronic Acid, Thermal Spring water and Bio Calm complex. These 3 major ingredients with give the skin its optimum hydration that resulting in a more softer, bouncier and brighter skin. It has a pH 5.5. Natural Hyaluronic Acid absorb into the skin deeper to give and lock the moisture up to 72 hours, Thermal Spring Water is the hydra booster that work instantly to help and moisturize the skin and Bio Calm Complex is to calm and sooth the skin as well as to help strengthen the skin barrier. 

Clinelle Pureswiss Cleansing Gel and Milk Cleanser are the first step to get a more hydrated skin. I use the Milk Cleanser first, to make sure all the makeup and dirt if off from my skin. It has a white creamy consistency that breaks down the makeup easily. I usually do this step twice, just to make sure my skin is purely clean. Next of course is to wash it with Cleansing Gel. I love cleanser that are in a gel form. It is not too "soapy" and it feels comfortable on my skin. Aside from cleansing, it also refreshes the skin.

These 2 precleanser steps come in blue tube, easy to squeezed and it has a protection shield before you use it. On the packaging itself has a lot of information about the product itself, as for me, i have no problems when it comes to ingredients most of the time but if you have a sensitive skin, do check out their ingredients.

Moving on, the next step is the Clinelle Pureswiss Hydracalm Lotion, now i am pretty mix up when it comes to lotion or toner because my skin cant accept toner of all kind but you know what, i did give this a try. It comes with a glass packaging with information on it. Pretty sturdy and posh.  This lotion is more to a gel-ish form rather than liquid (like other toner) and honestly, i think it is semi sticky but nevertheless, i put it on my face. No odd scent and my skin doesnt react to it. This lotion is meant to fade away the pores. My honest opinion from using this is that this probably and could be a good makeup base (but i have yet to test it) because, it is moisturizing, helps to fade away the scars and the texture is slightly sticky. It absorbs into the skin straightaway though. Oh! and i love it has a tiny "lock" to prevent spills.

After you patted the lotion onto your skin, the next product is the Pureswiss Hydracalm Serum. This comes in a fancy glass packaging which I love and a good detailed information on the back of the box. It has a pump and the pump itself release a tiny amount of product which I think is good so that no products will go to waste. A serum, for me, is a pretty important step. It has a higher and stronger ingredients that can penetrate deep into your skin and give its nutrients. This serum will boost and increase the moisture level in your skin. It is a milky white creamy-gel-ish texture and it absorb into the skin very quickly, which is great so I dont have to wait.

Last but not least is to apply the Hydracalm Cream which is a moisturizer to keep the skin moisturized and protect the skin from the outer factor around us. It helps to hydrates and nourish the skin at its max capacity. It is a cream texture, easy to blend and absorbs easily into my skin. 

All of the series doesnt irritate my skin. I dont feel any tingling or heat sensation from using it, my skin feels fine and not tight and so far, there is not any reaction to it. For a maximum result, we have to wait and see for a few months :) I think this products works well for oily, normal and dry skin (even combination skin) i have an oily skin and i think the lotion might help with the makeup longevity, of course we have to see about that and give it a try.


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