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Lets share the secret recipe for a healthier and happier living especially for women. Kalbe and H2 Health and Happiness are healthy brands of supplement under PT Kalbe Farma tbk. H2 are focusing mostly for supplements to maintain the beauty within every women with a modern technology and innovation combined with a natural ingredients. Located at The Maja, we as beauty enthusiasts gathered together on the 28th of October to share the healthy lifestyle as women in a modern world.

On the event itself, i had the opportunity to try the skin check. It was a rainy Saturday but it was a warming event where I got a chance to meet many people. I always knew that i dont take care of my skin, there are probably days and nights where i skip my skincare just because i am too tired or i am way too comfortable in bed and cant be bothered to move. The result? You guess it! my skin is 34 years old! I have soft pigments (which i cant deny because i dont wear sunscreen) but the good thing is, my skin moisture is good that is because i drink a lot of water (yes i do). 

I was recommended H2 Health and Happiness Firm Skin supplement to help and prevent pre mature aging. A good supplement that I need to take but when it comes to supplement, I usually take Omega3 and Evening Primrose Oil, i wonder if H2 have it? I will give this firm skin supplement a try. I also want to share with you that, they have a whole range of supplements aiming for different skin conditions. 

Their best sellers are H2 Superba Krill Oil and H2 Fair Skin. There are many of you probably are wondering what is Krill Oil? because i did the same. I mean i have heard of Omega 3 but Krill Oil? Nope. So, H2 Superba Krill Oil is an imported product from USA with krill oil as content (it is a form of small prawns that live in the Antarctica) and this oil contains omega-3 phospholipid, epa, dha that work to take care of the heart, lower down the cholesterol level and to calm down the inflammation on the ligaments (once the inflammation is decreasing hence the pain will subdued and you can resume to your daily activity) and astaxanthine acts to prevent the effect of the outer factor around our environment. The excellency of Krill Oil is the absorption function is has up to 98% in our digestive system therefore when you burp there will be no fishy smell due to its characteristic that easily dissolve and absorb into liquid.  It has a tiny soft gel that is making it easy for us to swallow.

H2 Fair Skin supplement are more focusing for the skin health and growth. It contains L-Cystein, Hytolive and Vitamin C. Based on Japanese observation, the combination of these three is able to brighten the skin within 2 weeks. With the combination of Collactive TM (collagen and elastin) is will help to fix the damage skin due to UV light and of course, to tone down the dull skin and pigmentations.

The guess speaker on the day are Donna Agnesia, Dr. Melyawati H. Sp.KK, Kassandra Putranto and Mr. Pharmacist (i forgot his name) I salute all of these individuals because they lead a healthy lifestyle! Donna Agnesia, as we all know a mother, a wife and a carreer woman have it all together. How does she do that? It is not easy i know. She has 3 kids and as a mom, it is best to keep your body in shape and avoid being sick as your family needs you (Life and observations from friends of mine that are married and have kids) No matter how busy you are, always remember to respect and worth yourself by taking care of your health inside and out. Donna Agnesia applies a good healthy eating and exercise  routine daily with supplements for the body. 

Kassandra Putranto as a phychologist that is focusing in human behaviour explained that women are prone to stress ( i agree). A healthy women are taken care of not only on the outside but on the inside too. Stress caused a lot of health and mental issues if you dont take care of yourself. To be honest, for the past few years, i put stress onto myself up to a point where I almost felt depressed. Although I had friends that helped me through out the years but hearing some advice from a psychologist really enlightened me. Friends, if you are stressing out, i know it is not healthy but Kassandra explained that always appreciate, respect and worth yourself. Give yourself some me time. Do excersice. If you are stressed, dont sit or stay at one motion, do a lot of movement to release the endorphine. Never expect too much that is not real just be real with your expectation. For me, i know it was my lifestyle and my way of thinking. I guess in simpler words: BE POSITIVE. CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK. BE A HAPPY GO LUCKY GIRL. It is not easy but, i am practicing it now. 

Dr. Melyawati Hermawan as a dermatologist, explained skin is our biggest cell where it is prone and exposed to the outer factor in our environment that affected the skin appearance. It is not enough with just the outer maintenance but we need a good supplement to help the skin regenerate from deep inside.  With the campaign of "You are worth it. Your are entitled of your own happiness" ("Anda berharga. Anda berhak bahagia") Kalbe's H2 Health and Happiness gathered women as the focus in the family with busy lifestyles to take care of their body more as sometimes women forgot to consider their health that leads to cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and even it affects the skin. 

H2 is trying to remind women of FENUS (Food, Exercise, Nutraceutical and Stress reduction) A good combination of these are what makes a women healthy it is advice to take extra supplement for the body to boost the immune system and the best supplements are H2 Superba Krill Oil and H2 Fair Skin. A good healthy body, mind and soul will bring out the best in you.

In the event itself, we heard some of the inspiring stories from 3 women and 1 kid. I know that we went through different things and we have to respect others because, if we are in their shoes, i dont think we can survive. A kid that almost lost her mother to cancer showed me how to be strong, how to think differently and how to support a family. I dont think I can be that strong as her. Another view from her mother was, to be positive in all situation, she stayed strong for her family and friends ( a true good friends that want you to be healthy) She said that: her family are the sun and moon, her friends are the stars and i will remember that motto for the rest of my life. 

There are moments when I almost (of probably did) fell into a depression.M y comfort zone was my bed. Literally, i would stay in bed for a whole day and it gets worse and i have PMS but it is all a combination of losing and trying to work things out and me being a very negative person didnt help at all. I agree when Kassandra mentioned that women are prone to stress. I went through it. I agree when Kassandra also said that change the way you think + be positive because i have a friend that went through worse than me and she taught me how to change my perspective. It is not easy but I am willing to learn and i still am learning. I also learned that we as women cant depend on anyone except yourself. Even when you are married, be independent have that singleness mind and thought always with you.

I hope you enjoy this special post for the women out there. Remember! Be healthy inside and out with H2 Superba Krill Oil and H2 Fair Skin!

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