Monday, October 2, 2017


Alrighty my loves! I am currently trying Benton as I am looking for a bank-account-friendly alternative for my Laneige. Here I have Benton Cacao Moist and Mild Cream, a cream that is light weight with a velvety smooth texture. It claims that it contains cacao extract and hyaluronic acid to add more hydration to your skin leaving your skin looking glowing and healthy.
Aside from the cacao extract and hyaluronic acid, there are a lot of extracts that give more nutrients to your skin that makes your skin smooth and supple. This cream is good for all skin types. I do have an oily skin and of course I am looking for a more anti aging concern now but this cream doesnt irritate my skin *the most important thing*

Although the product and research somehow claims that it is aiming for dry and tight skin, i have oily skin and it works amazing on me! So everyone can use this. It balance the oil moisture level, non irritating and lightweight non sticky texture. The fact that it is lightweight, it is what made me love it even more and it is perfect for tropical country with hot and humid weather. I dont usually love the glow but this has a subtle glow on it so it works for me.

The packaging is cute with a baby pink color and outlines of botanical prints. I love this type of packaging because you can just squeeze the tube and it will release the product. Very easy and clean to use. I am amazed at how this product has no scent and that is one of the factor that make it very comfortable to wear. I would dislike it if it has a cacao buttery scent. It has an extra sealed on the cap, so you do need to take the top part off and open the sealed and put it back again in order to use it.

This moisturizer is very lightweight, glides easily on my skin and absorbs quickly therefore it doesnt leave any sticky residue. I realized it took a few moments before it is finally absorb into my skin but that is alright and it has a dewy result on my skin (oily skin) but do keep in mind that for oily skin, it might get oily through out the day but i am fine with it because I want it to keep that moisture level well. I am pretty pleased to say that i didnt break out!

In conclusion, I love how this works on my oily skin :) lightweight, non scented and didnt break me out. Yes it gets dewy but so far i am fine with it, nothing too extreme and my foundation is still amazing on top of this moisturizer!


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