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Hello lovelies! As we all know, having a bright and clear skin is everyone's dreams! But there is a difference between white and bright. Rubiena Skincare is a new local brand in Indonesia and they are targeting for a bright skin result instead of white. 
For me, i never really agree for any whitening products because usually it contains harmful substances. It is different with brightening. Brightening products wont make your skin "white" but it will enhance the natural skin color and glow. See the difference? Beauty doesnt have to be fair or white infact, there are times when i envy girls (especially my clients) who have medium skin tone but my oh my! the glow her skin has! It is like a glowing goddess and that is the kind of skin that I admired. Glow and healthy.

I actually agree that you do need to invest in your skin. As we grow older, you will see some changes in it. It wont show instantly (if it does then you should be suspicious) but with a good routine, you will see the results. Rubienna is a local brand hence they know the problems women have here and they know how the atmosphere in Indonesia. Yes, the biggest thing we faced are the pollution and this is one factor that cause dull unhealthy skin. Rubiena ( PT Millenia Global Industries) has released its first range: Rubiena Brightening Series. It is official and safe as it has been registered in BPOM with the Halal certificate. You might still found it difficult in trying to find this in the market but you can easily order it online through their official sellers.

What I like about Rubiena Brightening Series is that they dont contain alcohol, fragrance and coloring so it is safe for sensitive skin. It contains Arbutin to brighten the skin and Greentea extract as anti oxidant to maximize the glow and brighten the skin. It also helps with the pigmentation on skin. This range contains: Brightening Cleansing Lotion, Brightening Facial Wash, Brightening Softener, Brightening Serum and Brightening Day and Night Moisturizing gel.

Now the steps are, well this is my steps, first, I used the Rubiena Brightening Cleansing Lotion, to get rid of the makeup and dirt on my face. Squeeze a pea size, massage it onto the skin and with a cotton pad or a cleansing sponge, swipe it upwards. This lotion feels very comfortable on my skin. It doesnt sting or irritate my skin. The best thing is, it lifts up the dirt and makeup easily. If you are wearing thick makeup, cleanse it twice just to make sure no makeup are left.

Once the skin is clean from the makeup, i use the Rubiena Brightening Facial Wash and this facial wash is in a form of a thick gel. You know it is good when it is gel-ish thick. This facial wash moisturized my skin and doesnt make the skin feel "tight".

Rubiena Brightening Softener, i would assume it work similarly as toner but with this, it has the ability to soften the skin while some toner dont. I usually cant use toner but I decided to give this a try, it feels very nice on my skin. I feel refresh and my skin feels clean. This is the last step of face cleansing for me and I also realized that the skincare absorb easily after this usage.

Next, Rubiena Brightening Serum. Serum is very important when it comes to skincare. I feel that serum has twice strength and ingredients compare to moisturizer. If you want to have a brighten skin, dont ever skip on your serum. This serum comes in a transparent milky white gel-ish texture. It absorb into the skin nicely, didnt leave any sticky residue and it makes my skin feel bouncy.

Last but not least, apply the Rubiena Brightening Moisturizer Day/Night. This moisturizer helps to keep my skin moisturized and the best thing is, it is not sticky! It helps my makeup to stay longer for the day. I realized the night cream has a thicker consistency and this is the kind of night cream I look for. Although i have an oily skin,i know that my skin needs as much moisture as I can especially at night. It is like feeding your skin with good nutrients just like a baby.

Overall, i am very pleased to be able to try Rubiena as it has a slight improvement on my skin. Everyone has different result when it comes to skincare, my skin happens to take its time to show the improvements. 

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