Monday, September 11, 2017


Who here have heard of Molto? Some of you probably may know that Molto previously had launched their first perfume and today, i am proud to announce that the second perfume of Molto EDP is here with the theme of Luxury Rose.  A grand launching with Bunga Citra Lestari as their ambassador, Anggya Kumala as the senior brand manager of Molto and Aline, the perfumery specialist was held in Sephora Indonesia.
Molto EDP Luxury Rose contains the finest essence and extracts of French Roses. A hybrid of 7 different types of roses are all combined into one to present this classy and romantic scent. This is known as Princesse Chalene De Monaco where it gives a long lasting scent that boost every women's confidence. The characteristic of this perfume are modern, unique, fresh, soft, sweet and elegant.

Alina as the perfume specialist mentioned that based on the survey, women loves the scent of roses, oh yes, i agree! I love Roses' scents because it is mature and elegant. It is also romantic and sensual that somehow gives a positive and calm vibes.

Bunga Citra Lestari added that Molto EDP Luxury Rose has a long lasting scent which helps to maintain the positive thinking and heart, also to give a good vibe and confidence boost.

The elegant aroma from the French Roses from Molto EDP is able to create a romantic, sensual and happy mood. It is also supporting the women in their confidence. #RoseForALady is the campaign from Molto Indonesia. 

Molto EDP Luxury Rose is available in Sephora so go grab yours now!


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