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Hello there makeup lovers, in this post i will be doing a review on how to shop at MAKEUPADDICT.CO.ID and thank you ClozetteIndonesia for the opportunity, you just know what girls love, makeup and shopping! 
Many of you probably are wondering what is and I dont blame you, as the time pass and technology growing faster each day by we are familiar with ecommerce or online shopping. There are a lot of online shopping websites in Indonesia but sadly, not all of them provide and sell authentic products. I honestly dont do online shopping a lot because truth be told that yes there were several times when i was ripped off and that makes me more careful in picking the right and true online shop. belongs to PT Teguh Pesona and they carry BYS, ABSOLUTE NY, THEBALM, VOV AND STUDIO MAKEUP. Yes these are the brands that you can find in the retail shop as well as online. Now, if you need to buy your makeup or beauty needs and you are too lazy to go to the store itself, you can let your fingers do the shopping from the comfort of your own home. By this standard, you can be assure that they online sells authentic products with affordable price and bpom because we know some online shops tend to increase the price up high to the sky.

The Website Look

Their website is simple, i love the combination of minimal colors to give that minimalist image. However, i did found it a bit slow? I dont know about others or maybe it is my laptop but I have tried on my phone as well, the loading time tends to take longer. Aside from that, from the main page, you can see they have categories on top and as you scroll downs, they have sections for: latest products, sale and best sellers. Of course not forgetting the payment options and information at the bottom of the page.

The also have videos from beauty influencers on their makeup tutorials and their Instagram where you can see their activity. I love the design theme of minimalist yet cute but the slow-ness from loading the page and also the button on top for each category dont move therefore it kind of cover the product when I want to see them.



First, create an account so when you shop, you can just click away and it makes life easier. To make an account, click LOG IN on top of the right corner of the page and another window will appear as below.  Then fill in your details if you have an account but if you dont, just click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT on the bottom left of the log in window.

Once you are done, feel free to browse through. You can browse through by clicking on each brand or if you already know what to buy like me, hover over to the search engine on the page and just type what you are looking for. It will direct you to the page straight away.

Here are what I got, BYS PRIMER SPRAY and THE BALM MEET MATTE. To purchase, click ADD TO CART or if you want to buy more, just click how many number of products would you like to buy. To see the picture in detail, click on the image and it will be enlarge.

I am done shopping by this stage, so I hover towards the MY CART on the top of the right corner and click on it. It will have a window showing your items that you pick in details with APPLY COUPON (where you can enter coupon code if you have any) and UPDATE CART (this is where if you have any additional items and would like to update the total)

Once it is complete, it will move on to the billing details, make sure you have checked all of the data correctly, then you can pick which shipping service you want, they only use TIKI and i pick regular. Dont forget the payment method, do you want to use credit card or bank transfer.

Once the payment is done, click on the PAYMENT CONFIRMATION and fill in the details. Dont forget to upload your payment slip.

Once you are done, you will received the payment confirmation in your email and all you have to do now is wait :)  I got mine in a few days and it comes in this cute box with their logo on it. The wrapping is neat and safe with thick bubble wrap. Inside comes the products i have ordered together with the receipt. 


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