Monday, July 31, 2017


Hello there gorgeous, we are all familiar with cleansing water but have you heard of Evoluderm? Perhaps not? Evoluderm is a brand from France and we have it here at Kay Collection (remember to use my code KBAFEEGY to get IDR 50.000 off) They come in two types: for oily skin and to reactive skin.
Each bottle comes in 250ml and both of them is used to removed makeup or to cleanse the skin. The green bottle is for oily skin whilst the red one is to reactive the skin. Both of them are actually can be used for all skin types. The packaging is pretty decent, just like any other cleansing water. It is paraben and alcohol free. The both dont really have any strong smell and when I tried it, it doesnt burn or sting my face. It is also non sticky but I always wash my face after though.

Now lets see how the strength are, I think the red one (reactive skin) has a stronger ability to remove makeup more than the green one. I think it is due to its ingredients not only to cleanse but to reactive the skin so that the skin is protected after the cleanse. As you can see below, The green one (for oily skin) removes the makeup but there are still some residue left whilst the red one (reactive skin) tend to remove most of the makeup.

Overall, i love the red (reactive skin) because i can remove my makeup easily and it just removed the makeup with no difficulties. I only need to do it once whilst for the oily skin (green) i did need to cleanse it twice.


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