Sunday, April 9, 2017


Hello hello! this is probably my first time reviewing falsies on my blog. Kay Collection has a range of their own falsies, from natural to mink lashes. Their natural range are amazing as they are made in a high quality material and they are stack-able.
I am a falsies user and I love them! I think my go to makeup is falsies (false eyelashes) and there are a lot of tips and tricks in using them (let me know if you want me to do one blogpost talking about falsies). If you want a more natural look, just go for one falsies but if you want to have a more bold look, apply 2 (i personally love 2 stacks because it is bold yet still look natural)

Here I have 3 styles: dress to impress (natural), dress to impress (natural) and red carpet (party) and each cost around IDR 35.000. Based from my experience and this is a personal preference, I pick lashes based on their band. As you can see there are 2 different bands in here, thin and thick, go for the thin one as they are very easy to shape and control, but, having a thick band is not all bad, thick band helps to place the lashes on and not budge and it will make the lash stand curl up without the need to curl them. Thick band is perfect so oriental eyes.

You can see that there are numbers and it is identifying the length and usually 26 or 28 is categorized as natural. Kay Collection eyelashes can be used a few more times but make sure you store and clean it nicely. Once you removed you falsies from the inner corner, try to take the extra dry glue out and place it on its storage so it maintains the curl of the band. 

In summary, the falsies are worth to buy, they are in good quality, re-useable and stack-able without ruining one another. The whole product consists of a pair of falsies and a tiny glue. My favorite is RED CARPET. The shape and the curl helps my tiny oriental eyes pop!

You can get them at  
and you can GET IDR 50.000 OF WITH MIN. IDR 200.000/TRANSACTION
at check out!


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