Friday, March 24, 2017


Happy Birthday to you Sociolla! I wish you all the best in life and of course, be a successful one! And to you my dear readers, Sociolla is having a lot of promotions and giveaway for their birthday until 31st of March. If you need to buy or to stock up your beauty and makeup tools, now it is the time!

The first goodie you will get from Sociolla is a Happiness Kit (no minimum purchase) and a bag of Sociolla exclusive samples with a min. of IDR 300.000. I always love to get myself some exclusive samples from Sociolla. I think it is the best way to try new products and dont forget to use the code: SBNLA6XT to get IDR 50.000 off! Oh and by the way, the Happiness Kit are cute stickers that you can use to decorate your stationary and perhaps, it can lift up those moody gloomy day!

Isnt Sociolla a darling to us? They are having 9 different Special Birthday Package only in March 2017. Of course, each of this package are only their best seller products! I think get one and give yourself a surprise. Find out by clicking on the image or the title to find out more! Dont forget to use #sociollaturnstwo once you received the package! 

So what is this the beauty revamp all about? Well, it is their weekly promotion and this week is the special discount for their new products! Omg right? New products and they are having a great price cut! This promotion valid until 31st of March 2017, so i think you should get them quickly because I am already eyeing some of the products I want! The discount is up until 60%!

Alrighty, when it comes to makeup, i know what i am talking about! The birthday glam look! Every birthday girl deserve to look stunning on her special day right? A glam look consists of wing liner, flairful lashes and metallic colors! Dont forget to get that glam look, add a touch of smokey accent on the outer V of your eyes. It will add depth and dimension to your look. It is very easy to get this look, just click on the image or the title, it will direct you to the page where it has instructions and which product to use to achieve that glam look! psst, you can also buy it on there ( dont forget to use the code: SBNLA6XT ) 

And that is all for the amazing birthday surprises from Sociolla and it is my pleasure to share this amazing news with you as fellow makeup lovers! 


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