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Hello there my gorgeous! Have you ever tried Nivea Makeup Care? a whole new range of makeup base and skincare that are in the market for makeup users. You wouldnt be here if you are not keen in beauty right? Every makeup user must know that a good skincare or a great skin will give a great makeup result, here are the main products that you need to use before your makeup.
Nivea Makeup Care products contains 10 active ingredients to fight 10 skin conditions or problems caused by the "left overs" makeup. These range are able to lessen the over excess oil, mattifying, soften and smoothen the skin, even out the skin tone, brighten the skin, reduce the pore size, prevent the black and white heads, faded out the spots and moisturized the skin. They contain pearly white that proven to brighten the skin 10x more than Vitamin C.


This is a facial foam (how i would call it or the common words) they come in 2 different types one (white and white oil control).  They have a mattifying ingredients that will show the physical and optical effect on the skin. Not only that, the ingredients are ale to absorb oil or sebum exchanger therefore it will reduce the shine and refine the pore. ACH as one of the ingredients helps the pores to control the sebum excretion. Carnitine helps to burns the fat, reduce the skin's own sebum and these are all the ingredients that are highly effective and unique combined together as oil control ingredients. Aside from the Oil Control technology, this also have a Whitening technology called Sensilight which is a whitening hook ingredients. This is the most effective human tyrosinase inhibitor and it helps to reduce spot activity. Result can be seen within weeks. Not only it helps to fade away the spots but it helps with the uneven skin tone! The foam itself is not that "foamy" with a lot of bubbles (i dont like it when facial foam has alot of bubbles) and it removes the dirt and oil off from the skin nicely.


Once you are done with cleansing your skin, you need to give your skin some nutrients to keep it supple. Nivea Makeup Starter Serum with SPF33 contains 95% pure Vitamin C and Pearly White that protect the skin when using makeup, heal and feed the skin with good nutrients and protect it from the effect of using makeup. It also brightens the skin and as the SPF33 helps to protect the skin from UV light. As this is a serum, it has a very lightweight texture that is very quickly absorb into the skin. This can work as a makeup base to help your makeup to stay long.


I did a review on this before but hey! lets review it again. This is a lip butter (not balm) from Nivea and this as a thicker more moisturizing texture compare the the rest of the balms i have tried. It contains natural ingredients such as: shea butter (as main ingredients) for a creamy consistency, amazing for skin, nourishes and smoothes dry lips, moisturized and protects the skin and of course rich in vitamins. Aside from Shea butter, it contains almond oil that is most popular among the rest of the oil for skin care products. It helps by adding the moisture and soothes dry lips and rich in Vitamin E. It helps with my dry lips and that is why I have been loving this! It does give an extra moisture and what i love about it is, it melts onto the lips and its creamy texture helps to spread easily. This lip butter comes in 4 flavors: Original (the one in this blog) is for focusing on care therefore you will not be able to smell any fruity scents, Raspberry rose for soft shine of color on lips, Vanilla and Macadamia and Cocoa will give gourmand experience!


Now this is my favorite product! I stock them up. I love micellar water. I think they are very practical and easy to use. Nivea Micellar Water contains capric glycerides and micelle to help the process of cleansing away the makeup with effective result. It removes makeup and makes the skin soft. Lactic acid in this product also helps to maintain the moisture on the skin, cleanse the skin away from makeup without drying the skin off. The ingredients in this micellar water act as a magnet to lift up and removes the left over makeup. It doesnt irritate the skin and basically this is a 3 in 1 cleansing (cleanse, makeup remover and moisturizer). Nivea Micellar Water is able to remove waterproof eyeliner leaving no residue behind, matte lipstick and thick makeup at one go! 

Using them are probably the most effective and efficient way to start your day. A good skincare will help with you skin and a healthy skin will make your makeup last longer! As a makeup lover, i do strongly advice you to have these 4 products. They help maintaining the skin cleanliness and of course, help to brighten and make the skin looks healthy!

Now, if you have tried them, come and join the fun! Share with me what are your thoughts on them :)

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