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On Friday 17th Febuary 2017, I attend Avene X Bamed Skincare talkshow and event. Avene is one of my go to skincare products especially when it comes to soothing the skin. Together with Clozette Indonesia, we discuss the importance to maintain the water level in your skin for a better complexion.

We cant deny that our routines and daily activities sometime plays as one of the factors that affects our skin. Living in a hot and humid country doesnt really help much. My skin tends to get very oily and dull, sometimes rough. This is the indication of dehydrated skin (lack of water). 

Dr. Radityo Anugrah from Bamed Skincare explained that our body tends to lose the water level due to the outside factors in lifestyle. Our skin needs moisturizer but for dehydrated skin, pick moisturizer that is high in water level. He introduced Avene as one of the best skincare brand from France especially the range "Hydrance". This series consists of: Avene Hydrance Optimales Rich for sensitive and dry skin, Avene Hydrance Optimale Light for sensitive skin and combination skin, Avene Optimale Serum in a form of gel for extra moisture. 

Avene Hydrance series contains Avene thermal spring water (ATSW) that is proven to bring back the balance in skin and to helps with irritation. Liposome in ATSW work as a membrane that hold water on the surface of the skin and slow but sure, the skin heals and resulting in a fading fine lines. Of course to get the most result, you do need to do a proper skincare routine from cleansing, soothing and moisturizing and these steps can be found with Avene Soothing Hydrating Care package ( Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser & Makeup Remover, Avene Thermal Spring Water and Avene Hydrance Optimale Light)

Here are the range of Avene Hydrance Package. Cleansing process is important because it helps to remove the dirt to prepare the skin for moisturizer. Avene Miscellar Lotion Cleanser and Makeup Remover works as 3-in-1 solution. To cleanse, to tone and to remove makeup. Then continue with Avene Hydrance Optimal Light as moisturizer and finish it off with Avene Thermal Spring Water to calm and soothe the skin.

Avene is a range of skincare that concentrate for sensitive skin and are recommended by a lot of dermatologist. Sensitive skin needs skincare that understand a specific needs. Therefore Avene is there to tackle this skin problem.

How did Avene discovered? Back in 1736, ATSW are known for its ingredients to soothe and soften the skin. It comes from the Cavennes mountain located at the south of France. The temperature is constantly 25.6 degree Celsius with a balance ph of 7.5. 

I have used Avene for a very long time especially their Miscellar Lotion to cleanse my skin before washing it and their Thermale Spring Water spray to sooth my skin. I have a complicated skin. Nope my skin is not problematic but just complicated in terms of i can only use a specific skincare to avoid any irritation and redness. I used Avene Miscellar Lotion to remove my makeup and do double cleansing. This lotion lift up the makeup and dirt at one go, leaving my skin fresh and of course, no redness, no stinging pain and no itches. It feels very comfortable on my skin. It is also cooling and non-alcohol!

Avene Thermale Spring Water spray is used when the weather is hot to cool down my skin and in fact, if you have sun burn on your skin (face) because this happened to me before, use the spray every hour and look at the miracle it does! i remember within 2 hours, the redness due to sunburn on my face fading away. Keep in mind this is not a makeup primer! Use this before applying your makeup to help and keep the skin moisturized so that makeup can last longer.

Avene Hydrance Optimale Light is a very lightweight cream for your skin. It absorb into the skin straight away and it has a good scent! It doesnt irritate my skin and feels comfortable on my skin. The combination of these three are amazing and if you have a sensitive skin, I do recommend to try Avene as they are made to solve sensitive skin. 

Bamed Skincare is in town to help you to get a better skincare. A clean and comfortable clinic that is located in Jakarta, Bamed Skincare is different than the rest of the clinic. In here, we have to do a consultation first with a dermatologist to see which treatment is appropriate for the skin. Bamed skincare has a team of amazing dermatologist that can recommend which treatment is right for your skin problem. Not only that, they have variety of modern method and technology in very clinic for the skin. It is safe and clean.

Bamed skincare is established since 2010 and until today they have achieved a lot of trusts and recommendation from their patients. Their mission is to get us to feel comfortable, confident with a healthy skin. With a healthy skin comes a more quality lifestyle. With healthy comes beauty.

They have a lot of treatment such as: Blue Peel Radiance, Chemical Peeling, Dermastamp, Minor surgery, Pore extraction, Electrocauter, Fractional CO2 Laser, Botox, Filler, Glutax, Vitamin C, Intraceutical, and more.

When I arrived, i had to fill in form of details. Then, in a short while, they called my name and asked me to into the treatment room. What makes Bamed Skincare different is in every treatment room is accompanied by the dermatologist, so they will be there through out the process. Which makes me feel safe! The room is clean and neat. Before the treatment, well we cant pick any treatment we like, we had to tell our problems and if there is any allergic reaction. My problem on my skin is, pores and acne scars. I also told the dermatologist i have a pretty sensitive skin where it can be resulted in redness. 

Then i moved to the treatment bed, and the dermatologist saw i had a few acne on my chin and i am so glad that she gave me the injection to reduce it. I also told her that i have PCOS and she answered yes, my acne on the chin is caused by hormonal issues. It will occur every single month and she gave me a cream to help the acne when that time of the month comes.

The treatment that i got was Dermastamp. It feels like a suction cup that suck the pores and dirts and blackheads and white heads off of my face. It feels good! Some people might find it painful but for me, it feels good! I think the beautician was even confused at how i dont react to the treatment. The Dermastamp was around 15 minutes and once that one is done, a face mask is applied. I got my face mask of Vit C. Yes it felt a tiny bit painful with a tingling feeling but again, i can withstand the pain. Once the treatment is done, she gave me a moisturizer for my face. Overall the process is pretty quick but i think it is because i have only 1 treatment though.

Remember! Keep your skin healthy, moisturized and avoid dehydrated! My skin is at its fine moment and i cant stop looking at it :)


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