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Hello my sugar pies! On the 29th November 2016, I joined ZAP Beauty Blogger Gathering in Oria Hotel. I am one of the loyal customer of ZAP. The very first time I went there was to try their hair removal for underarm and been their client ever since.
There were 34 beauty bloggers and vloggers in this event. It was good to meet some new faces (or it is probably me who barely active in gathering haha) This event was also celebrated with ZAP CEO - Mr. Fadly Sahab, Medical Consultant ZAP- dr. Endi Novianto, Spkk, Head of Medical and Training ZAP- dr. Fika Putri Aesthetika .Med.Sci.,MARS and Beauty Enthusiast- Paola Tambunan.

The lovely MC welcomed us introducing ZAP achievements such as Top Brand Award 2016. ZAP has been growing and spreading its wings across Indonesia. They always look for a new innovation in their technology for treatments and they have launched their newest treatment which is the PRP treatment (this is the one i am DYING to try!!) and Hifu treatment that is soon to be launched. 

ZAP is opening their branch in shopping malls. Why? of course it is a more easier access for clients especially men. Waiting is not a boring thing anymore! I for one, love to go window shopping before every meeting. I think by opening one in a mall is a splendid idea! I can always have a meal before or if i need to buy anything, i can do that all together at once.

Within this gathering, 2 lucky bloggers: Zsa Zsa Jasmin won Free Acne Scar Treatment and Feliza Farhana won PRP Acne Scar Treatment! Congrats girls!

I was lucky enough to try their Photo Facial Treatment but unfortunately, i didnt have someone to take a picture of me so, I shall share my story here. I didnt know what is a Photo Facial Treatment. Basically it is a 3 basic and quick treatment using the most advance technology and innovation to enhance and helps with your skin texture. Photo Facial consists of: Face Toning (to target the dermis or the inner part of the skin), Face Rejuvenation (to target the epidermis or the outer part of the skin) and Oxy Infusion ( to target the dead skin cells) and the combination of these three steps in one go will give the most changes on the skin. 

The first step, which is the Face Toning, I literally feel like fire droplets on my skin and I was very afraid my skin will react badly to it but luckily nope! I think that was the worst part of the treatment. I am not sure if by putting anesthetic will affect the result but if it is alright, i think it will be better just to apply a tiny bit of anesthetic cream.  Then the Face Rejuvenation is way more comfortable. If I could describe it, it is like a laser (underarm ipl) but for your skin. This stage, everything is comfortable except for the laser light (for some people this is alright but i cant really stand bright light) and last but not least the Oxy Infusion, this step is very simple, i cant really remember what it is but i remember it was more like steam and wind? I remember i had to hold my breath and this is slight uncomfortable for me especially around the nose. All of these are very worth it! I realized my skin is amazing! My skin becomes more smoother, brighter and i think it removed most of my dull ness. 

Now, because i am very curious about the PRP treatment, because this is the main treatment i want to know and how it goes, i decided to stay and watch the winner of PRP treatment and the process. First, they have to put anesthetic cream on her face. Why? to make it less painful i guess and soon you will know why. Then they literally took your blood, a tiny amount of course! and process it until the blood component got separated (refer to picture with 2 tube below) *isnt it amazing?!* Then, a special face roll with tiny spikes is used to stimulate the skin and somehow open the pores more so that the component from the blood is easily absorb into it. 

That is all from me :) I really suggest for you to try their Photo Facial because I tried it and I am very Satisfy! I think they are having a promotion until the end of this year? and I am hoping i can try their PRP treatment because I want to compare which results last longer *just out of curiosity

Overall i am very pleased with the result from Photo Facial regardless the uncomfortable-ness but it is a quick process with a good result and i think it is worth every seconds of me being there. 


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