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Hello beauty bees! Have you heard about Bio-Essence? Bio Essence is not a stranger to me. It is a Singaporean brand that was launched in 2001. They are available in Singapore and Malaysia, now Indonesia since 2015. They have a range of skincare that used a combination of Bio Energy technology that helps the absorption process at its max ability. 

Aside from the Bio Energy technology, this product also combined with a rare beauty ingredients such as Royal Jelly (this is the best jelly that is produce with the bees and given to their queen, therefore the queen is able to live 40x longer than usual). Royal Jelly is combined with ATP (as a media to make the absorption of Royal Jelly more maximum into the skin for the cells) or Adenosin Triphosphate that can be found in their face lifting creams and this cream is the most wanted cream in Singapore.   

Royal Jelly is used in this range because it can helps to decrease the signs of aging, to take care of the skin cells and maintain its youthful-ness, prevents the dark spots and wrinkles on skin and of course to give nutrients on the skin. While ATP is used for speeding the intake and absorption nutrients more optimum, helps with the skin to look healthy and well, it also helps to take care of the skin to that the skin will feel supple, tight and bright.

Now let me take you on how to use this range step by step. Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to cleanse. Bio Essence Deep Exfoliating Gel Royal Jelly + ATP that contains bio energy fluid, bio mineral amino acid,  Angelica and wolfberry extract, royal jelly and ATP, fruits extract and sugar to lift up the dead skin cells. This product is amazing because it help to remove the black and white heads without any pain, of course to remove the dead skin cells so that the rest of the products and nutrients can be absorb much better. It is also to brightens the skin, soften and oil control that resulted in a long lasting makeup look. Make sure you face and hands are in a dry state, apply and spread onto the face evenly and massage with a soft rubbing circular motion all over the face until tiny bits and pieces from the dead skin cells appear, then wash it away with water.

Bio Essence Deep Cleanser Royal Jelly + ATP (dry and normal skin) contains Bio energy fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid, Royal Jelly, ATP, Tanaka Tree Bark Extract and Cucumber extract for a soft formula that wont dry up the skin. It contains soft molecules that can deep cleanse into the pores and helps with the absorption of nutrients. It leaves the skin fresh and soft after washing. Bio Essence Foamy Cleanser Royal Jelly + ATP (oily and combination skin) with Royal Jelly, ATP, Tanaka Tree Bark Extract and Cucumber Extract and Gingko that gives a good foam to lift up dirt from the skin and with its mineral and herbal nutrients, it makes the skin soft and not leaving a dry and tight feeling. I am sure everyone knows how to use a cleanser but if not, wet the face and apply a pea sized and massage your face. Once done, wash it away with water.

Bio Essence Deep Nourishing Toner Royal Jelly + ATP contains Bio energy fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid, Royal Jelly, ATP, Hyaluronic Acid, Tanaka tree bark extract, angelica and wolfberry extract.This product helps to moisturized the skin, to make the absorption of other products better, to cleans and tighten the pores and to make the skin more supple and glowing. Pour a few drops onto a cotton pad or your palms, and gentle pat it and wipe your face. 

Bio Essence Radiant Youth Essence rich in Royal Jelly, ATP, Green tea extract, ginseng and wolfberry extract. All you need is one pump for a softer glowing skin. It moisturized the skin, helps the nutrients to be absorb deep into the skin, contains high anti oxidant and prevent the signs of aging. Use this 2x a day with a massaging circular motion on the face and perfect for all skin type.

Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream Royal Jelly + ATP helps to lift the face contour, tighten the skin and pores, hides the fine lines and wrinkles, moisturized the skin and makes your face more v-shaped! Take a pea size and massage it onto your face with an upward motion. Be aware that this product has a warm sensation! This product comes with a measuring tape to measure your face. Take the tape, placed "0" from the take under your ear towards the mid of your lips. Take measurement before and after :)

Overall, i am happy with the products, especially the essence. It is pretty oily but after a few minutes, it is absorb into the skin and leaving the skin more supple and bouncy. I also love the exfoliating gel, it removes the dead skin cells easily without having me to massage and rubbed it too hard. 

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