Monday, October 31, 2016


Hello my babies! Mukka cosmetics is one of a brand that reflect LA lifestyle. Currently they provide daily cosmetics in a very budget- wallet-friendly-affordable price. The are available in Aeon, Boston, Carrefour, Toserba Yogya and Idol Mart.

Mukka Cosmetics aim is to let all the girls explore the fun in makeup and bring out the beauty in them. Mukka Kosmetik is an imported brand that has been establised in Indonesia since 2004 and have obtained the certification by Indonesian BPOM (click here to see). Their tagline is "Makeup doesnt need tp be expensive" and their products are reflecting that! Very affordable and wallet friendly. Their manufacture has a certificate GMPC and supple the products to countries like USA, Italy, Brazil, Turkey and so on. 

Mukka Kosmetik comes in variety of products such as: Compact Powder 2-in-1 TWC that is waterproof and last all day. It is oil free, comes in 4 shades, scented nicely and soft. Lip Gloss that comes in 12 shades, non sticky, has a plumping effect on the lips and gives a natural shine. Lip Balm that are moisturizing and protecting the lips, it gives a natural light shade of pink and of course, they have cute designs! Eyeshadow kit that comes with powder, blush, lipstick and eyeshadows in different colors in one kit! Liquid Eyeliner that is long lasting and only can be removed with makeup remover which means it last all day. Aside from makeup, they also have nail polish that change color depending on the temperature and their nail polish remover that comes in strawberry and grapes, oil based and practical. 

My suggestion is if you are a beginner in makeup and in a super tight budget, you can give this product a try. Their quality is amazing and price is wallet friendly. Some of the product has a great scent! I know that they are available in Boston Pluit Village because i saw it before :) Hope it helps!


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Zlindra ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁ said...

pernah nemu ini sejejer sama Just miss di salah satu toko aksesoris wkwk

soulskin indo said...

kunjungi toko kosmetik online juga mbak di soulskin cosmetics indonesia