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Hey there my lovely readers, It is Sephora Korean Beauty session where Sephora and I will be sharing the Korean Beauty Secret from the skin preparation, mastering the flawless dewy complexion and a dash of playful bright colors to complete the signature Korean Look!
It is no secret that everyone is obsessed with Korean beauty, even me, the skin, the makeup, the complexion, they are very youthful and baby like. It is not that hard to achieve this look, all you need are these 4 steps.


We all know that Korea is very well known for their skincare. Yes, they really do take care of their skin and keeping them moist instead of adding a lot of makeup. Skin preparation is a must and in Korea, the skincare regimen consists of a lot of steps and products. Yes they take their skincare seriously! Since I cant be bothered to follow and use a lot of products on my face, I decided to use DR. Jart+ Clean Up Your Pores to help to refresh the complexion, to control the sebum and to prep the skin before makeup. The mask is very easy to use, it doesnt have any awful scent that i dislike, it doesnt sting my skin and it make my skin feel very supple!


Moving on into the base makeup, usually i would apply a primer (preferable, glowing) but if you prefer to skip that, go for a foundation that has a glowing characteristic. This is the Sephora Brightening and Hydrating Foundation in Peach. I like how this foundation is very easy to be blended into my skin and sits nicely especially when I have oily skin. The color pigmentation is amazing and they are buildable. If you have oily skin like me, you dont have to worry about being greasy or shiny, it is oil free, moisturizing and it last long on the skin. I love how this foundation comes with a pump, it is clean and controls the amount of foundation you want to use. After this, I usually add some loose powder to make it slightly matte or you can skip that.


Dont forget to add colors! Although Korean Makeup is very soft and natural, they do add some colors especially on the lips and eyes. Sephora Colorful Shimmer eyeshadow in Sunday Brunch with Sarange Lipstick in pc01 (pink violet), a good combination of gold and pink to add that cute and fresh look. I am a big fan of Sephora Eyeshadow, i think their pigmentation is high and buildable. They blend on the eyes very easily and it is not streaky. It sits nicely also especially when you add some primer but i think without primer, the eyeshadow works well on its own. The texture is very velvety and buttery soft. I also am familiar with Sarange lipstick i think for their lip colors, they are amazing! I love the color choices they have and the texture is very soft and the colors spread evenly. The pigmentation is medium to high and it is build-able. I like how this lipstick is very moisturizing on the lips.


Last but not least, one of the signature Korean Beauty look is the eyebrow, the straight baby like eyebrows. Here i am using Sarange eyebrow pencil, i think they have changed the packaging though, in Dark Brown. I actually love Sarange eyebrow pencil. The pencil is very smooth and buttery on the brows which make them glide and fill in the brows very easily and smoothly. They blend easily and this pencil comes with a brush at the other tip to smoothen and even out the eyebrow.

Here is the swatch of the products above 

If you live far away from any of Sephora Stores, no worries! You can buy them online! 

How to buy them online?

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Alrighty girls, lets jump into the quick and easy tutorial i have made for you guys :)

Alrighty lovelies! I hope you enjoy a short review and tutorial that I made for you. Something natural and glowing for everyday look in the Korean Style Makeup. Dont forget you can get the products all at Sephora.co.id and FREE SHIPPING FEE with min. purchased of IDR 200.000/ transaction ;)


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