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Hello my rays of sunshine! Last week i was invited to Sariayu Color Trend 2016 Inspirasi Krakatau event where they officially launched these new range to the beauty community. This year color theme consists of neutral colors *my faves!* and some cool tone colors and the variants are: Duo Lip Color, Eyeshadow quad and Eyeshadow kit. 

Why Krakatau? 

For those of you who are not familiar to our Indonesian heritage and treasure, Krakatau is a volcano/mountain that erupted in 1883. The eruption of Krakatau was able to destroy a few islands around it, released hot humid clouds and fogs, intrigued a 40m tsunami, changed the global weather and temperature, killed thousands of people and left Indonesia in the dark for two days straight. Krakatau is located at Sundanese strait where it is surrounded with amazing blue water. Krakatau itself has and will always be an inspiration for everyone. 

Then, not far from the location lies the citizen of Lampung that still hold tight to the traditions. Lampung contains a lot of old traditional village where these local traditions are still in practice including their local art like Kain Tapis. Kain Tapis is a local art where it used gold threads that are weaved in steps to produce one good clothes. This "kain" usually contains floral and animals pattern.

These two factors of Krakatau and Kain Tapis are the inspiration behind the new range of color trend 2016 with hope to educate the beauty and wealth of Indonesian people. 

It was an amazing day, arriving and meeting with new and some "old" people. Truth be told, i have cut a lot of events because i want to concentrate on my makeup and hairdo studio but of course, i will still be attending some of my favorite makeup brands and Sariayu is one of them (literally the whole Martha Tilaar product and events). It was held in Empirica yet I think, some unfortunate events happened which left me to stay outside for almost the entire time. Nope, it doesnt saddened me because, I had the freedom to try and swatch these colors! I didnt swatch the eyeshadows thought because, i will have separate post discussing the eyeshadows and the duo lip colors. 

It was amazing to be able to meet some people whom i have not seen in a long time or i could say "melepas rindu" :P anyhoo, I really love beauty events! The events started with product testimonial by beauty bloggers and truth be told, i was late and wasnt able to stay inside because it was humid. No worries though! posts are coming up in March with my own unbiased real honest opinion! Lunch was served too but i only took and drink two glass of ice sweet tea. 

I think, Sariayu Color Trend 2016 Inspirasi Krakatau, by far is my most favorite range ever! This year, they have 12 colors of Duo Lip Color (swatch below), Eyeshadow palette in 2 different color tones and an eyeshadow kit.

The 12 Duo Lip Colors come in a matte and glossy texture (you got 2 types of finishing in one product!). The colors are mostly bright and if you are looking for soft colors or nude colors, you wont be able to find it here. Mostly are in a warm undertone and majority are in reds and oranges. There are two pinks with cool undertone but mostly are warm and bright, just like the theme of Krakatau. There is no wrong or right way to use this, if you prefer a more matte finish, go for the matte ones and vice versa, HOWEVER, i realized the color will pop even more bright and gorgeous if you combined them (i am wearing 03 in the makeup look below) and of course, a more detailed review will be up next month!

The eyeshadow kit is my favorites! the colors are super natural such as browns, beige, black and it is just perfect for my makeup job. The size is pretty small which makes this easy to carry. It comes in 8 different colors perfect for day to night makeup look. A more in depth review is up next month! so stay tuned! Let me know if you want me to do a daily makeup look or another smokey eyes with this kit. 

The eyeshadow palette comes in a round packaging which i personally think is very cute and it comes with a three way applicator. For the eyeshadow, it comes in a cool and warm undertones. I owned both so stay tune for a more depth review! What is unique from this range of eyeshadow is the applicator, as you can see from the picture below, it comes in three brushes. From where I am seeing, the white rounded brush is for blending, the hair brush is for patting the shadows and the angled brush is to create a precise line. How to use these range? all you need to do is to apply the lighter color on the eyelids and the darkest color on the outer V and dont forget to blend!

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