Friday, October 16, 2015


Hey ladies and gents! it has been ages since i last did my sfx makeup tutorial. I kinda miss it so i decided to go for a less gory look until halloween haha you wouldnt think i stop the scary and gory look forever would you? nah! So an easy tutorial how to be a robot or how to get that robotic skin with basic pieces you have at home!

I have shown the product in the tutorial video (which you can click on the link down below) but in case if you didnt get all the products, here they are:

1. Face Paint (PAC)- red, black, white and silver
2. Duo Lash glue- this glue has the similar characteristic as liquid latex
3. Cotton pad and tooth pick
4. Straw *prefer silver but if you have none, white should do it*
5. Black and brown eyeshadow, i am using SARIAYU BORNEO B03
6. Fake blood *no i wouldnt suggest you to go for a real blood*

Robot SFX Makeup tutorial inspired by the terminator with things you find at home. In this tutorial, i will show you how to get the robotic metallic skin underneath your skin using face paint and a few house hold items.

Click here to watch!
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If you are interested in a self makeup, i am open for a few private classes, of course, i will be the one who teach you and shared with my own tips and tricks for you, let me know! oh and if you would like to see a video of me doing my makeup for another person, let me know too!
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