Monday, October 26, 2015


A workshop specialized in SFX Makeup in Film Making is a pretty rare in Jakarta and when i received a special invitation by PAC Martha Tilaar, of course I said yes! I used PAC Face Paint for my sfx makeup. It is the easiest product with a good quality i can find in Jakarta.

PAC Martha Tilaar is the professional brand providing all the professional MUA with their international high quality premium cosmetics that are perfectly matches for Asian skin. They have a lot of variety of products to choose from. Their color theme are bold and expressive that are suitable for edgy, fashionable and adventurous personality, however, they do provide some neutral colors where i used them for my clients. I am more into beauty and bridal makeup. PAC fulfill the needs to high quality stage artistis look and now has grown as one of the choices among the MUAs and celebrities. They own a vision to be the pioneer of professional Asian Makeup and have supported a lot of performing arts from plays, movies, fashion shows, music and news broadcasting such as Jakarta Fashion and Food festival, Hongkong Fashion week, Java jazz festival to name a few.

I am a big fan of character or sfx makeup because it is unique and has its own challenge. Although i have cut them down and concentrate more on beauty and wedding makeup, there are times when i miss it and start doing it. It is one amazing experience to attend this workshop. I received a lot of information and knowledge in a much better understanding.

What are the products that you need to do a sfx makeup? Usually you need a liquid latex or wax but if you follow me on my IG, blog or youtube, you know i am inspired by a lot of SFX Mua out there in the world and i found a lot of alternative way to create the similar effect with household items but i cant deny that you need a good face paint and eyeshadow in every sfx makeup.

PAC has released their own face paint and the face paint is not a new product, i bought them ages ago and have been using it until now. The color is pigmented so a tiny bit goes a long way. However, due to its cream based, you need to settle the whole makeup with powder and in this case, eyeshadows for colors and translucent powder for the face. I really want PAC full kit! I think it is one easy way to use and carry when i have a makeup job.

To be honest, i have no knowledge who are the sfx mua in Indonesia. I have never heard of Kumalasari until this workshop. She is so beautiful in person. Her work is amazing and her experience is a lot from countries to countries. I dont think i will talk much about sfx in this post because it is going to be a long one, i will do one separate post for sfx painting in the months to come. 

Kumalasari created 2 looks for this workshop but sadly i couldnt capture the first one but I captured the second one! it is a zombie. On the stage she explained on how to create a gory makeup and apparently, a good green based is important if you want to make a sick, pale and rotten skin. She added some fake blood to make the whole look more intense. Using fake blood, it is easier if you can use a squeezable plastic bottle so you can just pour the blood out. I need to replace my fake blood into a new container now. There are four main sfx products that you can use but i shall explain the two main ones that i used and have experience it. They are liquid latex and scar wax. 

What are the differences?
Wax is one of the easiest to mold and to create but you need to know the right application so it stays still on the skin while liquid latex it sets faster than wax and i personally prefer this more than wax just because this is in a liquid form and it is so much easier to mould. 

I dont recall the whole process but she had started the makeup since morning. On the stage she finished the whole look using PAC Face paint and some fake blood. She added green color to give that sick rotten look. Here are the pictures below.

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