Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Another new comer from Make Up For Ever Indonesia (MUFE) never failed to amaze me! Once they are done with the eyeshadows that are heavenly amazing, they are back to launch their new comer in Indonesia, which is the Artist Plexi Gloss!

I had the opportunity to try them out being a huge lippies obsessed, I am stunned at the quality but before we jump into the product, let me share with you a tiny bit of information regarding this. I am sure that most women out there love lip color and i am also sure that lip color is one item that every women must rock! It completes the whole look!

The event began with me arriving way too early as usual because i hate being late! I finally met Sally and she is so cute! then I met Dian who introduced us to the products. There were dessert tables that intrigue my crave for something sweet and of course the lovely beauty personalities that i have been dying to meet!

Artist plexi gloss is the new innovated lip gloss for every one at all strata in the society. Now what makes this gloss is different from the rest? i have tried it and yes they are different! With the 35 different shades of colors, they fulfill every women needs so there will be that perfect shade for every skin tone. Dany Sanz (creator and artistic director for MUFE) has always been interested at plexiglas which is a material that was well known back in the 80s. He immediately decided to combined this material with lipgloss to create a new innovative lipgloss that has a high characteristic of shine on the lips. The prizmalite spherical micro beads within this gloss help to intensify and boost the shine appearance. One thing i realized trying out this product is the shine, the color pigmentation that is high for glosses and i tried to remove it with cleansing milk from MUFE but it didnt budge however, when the glosses are remove by wipes, it easily lift up which is i personally think this is a good thing to prevent any harsh pressure that caused irritation on the lips

As you can see on the picture below are some swatches that i took on the spot and this was when i realized, these glosses are the must haves!

The applicator of the gloss is also very unique. It is the new Superflex applicator to apply it onto the lips where it has a cut in the middle on one side where it helps to ease the product to enter into the sponge. The flat part of the applicator is used to spread the products on the lips while the round tip is to shape following the lips especially on the cupid's bow area. The sponge itself is very soft and gentle on my dry and chapped lips. 

The glosses are divided into 5 categories of colors and they are: nude, corals, pinks, reds and arty shade.These glosses are also divided into 2 categories of texture which are: the pearl (glossy and shiny) and pure (a more intense color).

If you are considering to get this, i suggest get it!
I love how the texture is so glossy and it has this fuller effect on the lips. I love the pigmentation it has and I am aiming for several colors already!
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