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Hello! People with oily hair knows how annoying it is to wash your hair everyday. I have the solution for a 5 minutes healthy looking hair, not forgetting a great refreshing smell, for everyday! The solution is Etude House Oh My Goodness! Dry Shampoo

There is not a day gone by without me washing my hair. I have an oily scalp which makes the hair looks oily, greasy and limp. One day of not washing them, will make the hair looks like as if i havent washed them for 1 week. That is how oily my hair is. There are days and times when i dont have time in the morning to wash my hair or there will be days when i am on a job doing hair (yes, i do hair do sometimes, not only makeup :P) and the clients forgot to wash their hair.

This is when a dry shampoo comes in handy. The one I pick is from Etude House Oh My Goodness! Dry Shampoo mainly because it works magically and quick and of course the great scent. 

Lets talk about the packaging first, we all know that Korean makeup are well known for their cute packaging. This one right here is literally the cutest every! With a cute illustration explaining the usage of this product but sadly, i dont understand Korean :P but i think i get the point of the "comic strip" on the packaging.

It comes in a small cap in a pink color which goes well with the whole packaging and Etude House theme. At the back, it has a brief explanation but sadly again, they are all in Korean so i have no idea what it says, except for the tiny illustration on how to use this product. I personally think having image of instruction or direction helps the user of the product understand well. Like what people say, a picture says a thousand words. 

When you open the cap, this product comes in an easy and common spray product with the nozzle on top where you can press it and control the amount of dry shampoo onto your hair. It is hygienic and practical which i like! I mean when i am rushing or doing client's hair style, i prefer to get a clean good hair in an instant! 

Now, i have tried several dry shampoo, by far this is the best one. First, the smell is amazing! I agree with the "floral fruity scent" like it has a combination of flower and something citrus-y and sweet that gives a feeling of fresh. This formula is wet. Why wet? it is hold in a spray can, therefore, wet formula and when being sprayed it is resulted in a dry matte-ish texture onto the hair. I prefer this way though. I have tried the one with powder, it doesnt work that well. Instead it left white cast all over my head! This product can spray evenly, which helps a lot for me to distribute them equally all over the hair and for me, i do spray it on the scalp as the scalp is the main source of the oily-ness. As for the scent, it helps a lot to remove that oily- damp scent on the hair. 

How this product works is, once you sprayed onto your hair and scalp, the product will eventually absorb the oil that makes the hair limp and unhealthy looking into a much better looking hair. The direction is simple, all you need to do is: Shake the bottle well, hold it 15 cm away from the area you want to spray and spray it. Once you sprayed it, massage it, so it works its magic to absorb, then brush it. I usually use my fingers to do it :D When you are brushing, you can restyle your hair *like what i did*

I also realized that this product helps to restyle the hair and add some volume in it. Remember: this product works well if you are not sweating or outside for a very long time in a humid and hot area. The product works differently on everyone. 

It works on my hair by making it matte and dry, add volume, easy to style and smells amazing!

Now, let's see the experiment :)

This is my hair in the morning when i wake up. It is starting to get greasy but not so much. I purposely took this picture so that you wont get scared looking at my greasy hair. This is my real hair. It is wavy and stiff. Pretty easy to style. You can tell that the middle parting and the fringe is flat, slightly oily and just not puffy.

Then i did the process of spraying, massaging, brushing and styling. This is done by my hands and fingers, no tools or whatsoever. Why no tools? i am just too lazy and if i am in a rush, there wont be enough time for tools.  By this step, i realized that the "oily-ness" has been lifted up leaving a good matte-ish looking hair

Then, I restyled my hair to my usual hair style :P side parting! And voila! It took only a few minutes to get a styled-out-of-the-salon hair with a great scent!

If you are looking for one dry shampoo, do give this a try. Remember: results varies on different people! It works for me as long as i am inside a building and not sweating :P and i love the scent so much! 

This product cost Rp 128.000 and available in Etude House Indonesia Store.
*while stock lasts*

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monica agustami said...

Lucuk kemasannya! Aku pakai yang Batiste kalau untuk dry sahmpoo. Tapi, kemasannya gedhe banget kalau dibawa travelling >.<