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Hello there gorgeous ladies :) so today's post is a chatty kinda post. Recently, i have been thinking a lot and as you have known that i am working on my skin. Yeap it is a long process but i am not giving up yet. I have come to a realization that i want a good soft smooth skin as the base. After all, a good base will make a good makeup look.  

To  get  a  good  base,  i  realized  i  have  to  be  consistent,  patience  andcommitment. I am still in search for a good moisturizer because you all know that i have been using aprescription moisturizer  given by my dermatologist.  I  have tried a few and i  am going to  share the product i added into my skincare routine. 

Now,  talking  about  Natural  Beauty,  why?  

I  realized  that  one factor  that  cause my  acne is  makeup.
Truthfully, i love makeup and i dont think i can stay away from them but the thing that i can do is to take care of my skin every after makeup. You all  know my triple cleansing process right? Yeap triple,  not double, i am so paranoid that makeup residue are still lingering on my skin so i want to make sure they are off away from my skin by doing a triple cleansing. Might not be good but hey! I am trying to save my skin!

 I would love to wear less makeup. If i can i would love not to wear foundation everyday but i cant do that because acne marks are stilll  visible. Less makeup so is a big no no for me before. Now, I  still  wear makeup but less than before. I want to share a few of my pictures in different look :P please let me know which one you prefer, i have done a bit of survey, most people prefer the middle one. Natural makeup. Good coverage but not too much.

Here is a picture of me without any makeup. PMS-ing so do ignore the huge chin acne but it has "deflated" :P As much as i really want to go out like this, i know this is not presentable for me.

Then this picture below is a natural " no makeup" makeup look according to my version.
Natural beauty doesnt mean that you are not allowed to wear makeup, well you can if you have a good flawless skin! 

Believe me, i have seen several women which gorgeous, smooth, silky skin! Glowing too! I envy them to be able to go out without makeup. As for me, sadly, it is not an option to go out without makeup. My must have makeup product for a natural look are:
A  good skincare  product  for  a  good  base to  hold  my  makeup longer,  a  good natural  yet  coverage foundationeyebrows! (yes my eyebrows are sparse), lashes! (yes my lashes are short and straight andsparse), blush on and lipstick all in natural shade.

I usually would go for this look if there is a day event. I think it adds that complete healthy glow and complexion to my skin. This is why i love a good makeup. It helps you to look presentable.

Lastly, i would call this a party makeup look. This is not wrong either but i personally would wear this look for night events or sometimes to my clients for party. Smokey eye look is the most requested and the most favorite eye look in Indonesia, i cant blame them though. Smokey look makes the eyes look bigger especially for asians small monolid eyes. However, many people think this is too much? The bold eye and lips combo. I dont think this is too much for a night event but for a day to day event, yes i have to agreed. I tried not to wear this look often.

Now, let me share with you a moisturizer and a facial foam i added into my routine. 
Did you know that Citra used to be known as Hazeline? 
Hazeline brings back a lot of my memories of my grandma *miss you grandma*
 I remember when i was a kid, i saw her applying the Hazeline product onto her skin and i asked her to apply it to me :P I remember the lovely scent and the cooling effect. So after i found out that this used to be known as Hazeline, I decided to give this a try. I pick the Japanese rice with green tea extract as it is to help with the acne marks. Now i cant show you the final result yet because it takes time for the product to work but for now, i realized the marks are slowly fading away.  

Citra has helped with the marks although the final result arent visible yet but it has helped me to pick a less thick and full coverage foundation. I used to wear a thick coverage foundation to hide the redness and acne, now i can go for a sheer coverage and I love it! Sheer coverage is lightweight and it just feels natural. Also, with the spots fading away slowly but surely, it amazed how a sheer coverage foundation can hide them! Amazing right?

I used the facial foam morning and night, usually when i wake up and when my day is finished and it is time to relax at home then I would apply the moisturizer on the problematic areas, in my case it is my chin. The scent is refreshing and it doesnt sting my skin. It absorbs into the skin easily and leaving no greasy marks. I also realized that it gives a tiny glow onto my skin after the moisturizer being applied.

Now!  I  want  to  take  you  all  to  share  on  Instagram  or  Twitter  your  natural  look  with  the #citraberaninatural and lets help and support each other to keep up with our skin and to fulfill  our dreams to have a good smooth healthy skin!

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