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Make Up For Ever Indonesia invited a few beauty bloggers to attend their exclusive Pre Launch event. I was one of the lucky ones. The event took place at Plaza Indonesia, my go to mall when i am bored and this is the closest mall to my house and of course it is held in their lovely new and improved boutique. The event was to introduce their new 175 New Artist Shadow collection. 

 With my passion in makeup and my frequent posts of eye makeup look, I was so excited to attend because I know the quality this brand has and let me tell you! they are amazing! Make Up For Ever is the master when it comes to colors. I love colors. I love them even more when they are vibrant, pigmented and visible in picture. Now, Make Up For Ever are coming back with more creativity and professionalism by releasing 210 new colors generation but only 175 colors are launching in Indonesia. No worries hun, we have enough color for all of us ;) They are named ARTIST SHADOW. 

Why are they named ARTIST SHADOW?
First, they are offering the complete range of collection in the world then this range has 5 types of finishing effects such as: matte, satin, iridescent, metal and diamond.  All of this range are made with a unique formulated ingredients and of course love and passion to welcome products that fulfilled the need of professional makeup artist and women. 

The History behind ARTIST SHADOW.
Eyeshadow was the first iconic product that Make Up For Ever launched and it was created by Dany Sanz (founder and creator of Makeup For Ever) in 1984. Back then he introduced 100 colors of eyeshadow in a circular packaging and with the quality this brand has, it lasted for a very long time. In 2013, Make Up For Ever added more colors and made the collection into 125 colors. Not only that, they also changed the packaging into squares with a mirror inside. This is the one i owned.  In 2014, Make Up For Ever turned 30 years old and with that, the collection of ARTIST SHADOW released. It took 3 years for the company to improve and innovate the amazing range nevertheless, they have overcome the obstacle and produced such great soft pigmented with different types of finishing look now!

Make Up For Ever iconic product of eyeshadow are known for their amazing formula. With a high pigmentation, it released such a great intense color on the eyes compare to others. Artist Eyeshadow contains up to 88% of pigments and mother of pearl up to 50%. This is called "Pigment Atomization" technology that Make Up For Ever used that breaks the pigments and made them into a smaller particles.  Make Up For Ever also used a "water-blend technology" in their ARTIST SHADOW that resulted in them to have a gel powder texture. This technology used water in the process of mixing that combined all the formula with a twice stronger strength of bonding. Due to these technology in the process of making the eyeshadows, they made the eyeshadows really easy to blend and long lasting.

The 175 colors of ARTIST SHADOW that are launched in Indonesia, they give a charming impression to the ones who wear them. If you love neutral colors like me, there are 90 colors available in the Nude Category, if you love a more colorful colors to play with, there are 110 colors for you to try! Artist Shadow offer a variety of atmosphere. If we look at them by colors like: Black to white tone of colors, there are 13 choices, Blue colors with 16 choices, Green with 21, Yellow with 9, Orange with 19, Pink with 29, Violet and Purple with 6 choices. As i have mentioned above, this special range has 5 different types of finishing look: matte (43 colors, especially for this range, the products dont contain mother-of-pearl ingredient but they are showing how smooth the pigments are), satiny (33 colors, contains 45% of mother-of-pearl with a tiny touch of black pigments that gives the "chameleon" effect), metal (28 colors), Iridescent (43 colors, contains 45% of mother-of-pearl in a medium size so that the effect is more visible and clear) and Diamond ( 28 colors, contains 50% of mother-of-pearl in big sizes to give that glitter effect) 

Another unique-ness about this range is these can be used as blush, eyebrow, liner, sculpting, highlight and even hair chalk!

Sample of Swatches:

As we are different amongst one another, MUFE came up with packaging in mono (1 shadow), duo (2 shadows) and trio (3 shadows) with a magnetic base to hold the eyeshadow. This allows you to have the freedom to choose which colors you want. If it were me, i would pick black, brown and shimmering beige but no worries, the next tutorial of makeup will be different both in colors and video ;) Each of the packaging cost IDR 70.000 and each of the eyeshadow cost IDR 220.000 and they will be available in MAY at all counter of Make Up For Ever in Indonesia!

Here are the location of Make Up For Ever in Indonesia

I also have a surprised, well not really but every event, i have some footage from the event so that you can enjoy ;) if you want to watch, click here and subscribe!

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