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They are finally here! The nail polish i have been waiting for. I am not an expert in nail polish nor art stuff but i do love nail polish. I believe that nail color is the finishing touch of a complexion or a look. I am always up for a nail polish product that has a quick drying formula. Oh yes! that is the main quality i look for and let see how does the new range from Sally Hansen works!
Have you heard of gel nail polish? I am not an expert but i love them. Basically the gel nail polish is slightly "troublesome" to get it done because not only you need the gel polish from the colors, to base and top coat and dont forget their price is slightly pricier than the normal polish, you also need the light to dry the gel which also cost a lot more. How do i know? I owned them but the light didnt work *such a waste of money* and usually i get my nails done at the nail salon but that also cost a lot of money and usually, they are really hard to remove. To remove the gel polish is to wrap your nails in cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover and wrap it with cling foil or you can go to the nail salon and get it removed but that cost, again, more money! This is the reason why i dont do my nails that often :P

I have heard about Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, a gel nail polish that dont need the light! Boy the waiting is so worth it. I have the chance to actually try and see the great quality it has. Let's be honest, i was a tiny bit skeptic, thinking it wont last as long as a gel polish but yes it does and i will talk about it more later i this post. 

Sally Hansen is one of my favorite nail polish brand since i was in Canada. Yes some throwback time here :P  They come out with the Miracle Gel, a revolution new gel manicure system without the light. Basically, you just need the color and the top coat only, just like any other nail polish but what makes this different is the finishing gel - like texture. This range has a high perfection salon quality that combines a pure nail color with a high techno gel. The results are high shine and glossy look without the need of UV light to dry them. They are also easy to be removed just by using a regular nail polish.

This range is time consuming in drying and removing and the best thing is they are affordable! They are also the new and innovative with the patented product that combined half lacquer and half gel that last up to 2 weeks in 2 simple steps of color polish and the top coat. The patented tube technology is where it allows a higher level or actives and ingredients to produce a gel lacquer film that has a great durability shiny nails. Each product contains oligomer and the top coat contains photo-initiator (where this reticulates with the oligomer to give a long lasting strength without the needs of UV light) 

This range comes in 7 categories of colors:

1. Flawlessly Nude: 5 clean and natural skin tone colors for a minimal polished look.
2. Love Pink: 7 pink colors to create the ultimate nail statement.
3. Street Pastel: muted meets edgy with a sweet washed out pastels colors.
4. Runway Shock: 7 outrageous playful bright colors
5. Daily delights: 7 yummy feminine colors
6. Mad mod: 7 retro inspired colors
7. Fired Up metallics: 7 colors of metallics

How to use?

1. Shake the bottle gently, apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel Color.
2. Apply the top coat to activate the gel-like finishing.

Available in:

- Guardian
( Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Pondok Indah mall)
- Watsons
( Pondok Indah mall, Mall kelapa gading, Pacific place, Sms, Grand indonesia, Plaza semanggi)
- Glow
( Plaza Indonesia, Beachwalk Bali)
- Metro
(Gandaria City, Ciputra World Surabaya)
- Sogo
(Alam sutera, emporium pluit, plaza senayan, central park)
- Centro
(Discovery Mall Bali)
- Jayanata
(Tunjungan Plaza 4 Surabaya)


- Color coat IDR 115.000
- Top coat IDR 115.000

Duo Pack ( one color coat + one top coat) IDR 175.000

Affordable, great gel-like finishing, long lasting! what more can you ask for? 
And yes as i have promised to share my experience with this Miracle gel, so i tried wearing them roughly at the end of February before my travel to Taiwan, I stayed in Taiwan for a week and within the week of course I went out sight seeing every single day with the cold weather and the public transport, and i got back and today is almost 2 weeks of wearing the polish, i can tell that the colors of the left fingers are perfectly intact but on the right hand it is chapped on the index nail finger mostly as other fingers are nicely sitting on it so this proofs that the Miracle Gel do have a long lasting strength for almost 2 weeks and perhaps if you are not as tomboy-ish as me, you might have the colors even longer!

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