Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hello my darlings! if you are looking for a cream face mask that brightens your skin and fade away the acne marks, and travel friendly, you might want to consider Menard Fairlucent Pack White AD.   This mask is different from others because it is a cream based texture, it has a cooling sensation that soothe the skin and of course it contains ingredients that penetrates and work to fix the problematic area. Allow me to share with you my at home facial routine in this post !
Anyhoo, my facial routine is pretty simple, it goes from peeling gel (yes, i replace my facial scrub with a peeling gel because i think it is much more gentle on the skin) Then of course a facial mask. A facial mask that i am currently using is from Menard, the Fairlucent Pack White Ad. As you can tell from the name, the concept of this range, it is aiming to give women a more brighter and luminous appearance. 

The packaging itself is very simple and chic, it comes in a tube where for a facial mask product, this is what i prefer them in. It is easy to use because you only need to squeeze the product out without spilling it everywhere. It also allows you to control the amount so no product will go to a waste.

Now how do you apply this? well just like any other mask, use a tool or if you want to follow me step, use your fingers, of course clean the fingers first! then apply it all over the face avoiding the eyes and the lips area. Leave it for 5 minutes or if you want it to be longer and just relax you can but the result is going to be the same.

When i applied this on my face, i feel there is this tiny tingling feeling on the skin. Not my favorite sensation but i still leave it on because i know the ingredients are working! Aside from that, i also feel that there is a cooling and refreshing sensation through out the process. This is very relaxing. The texture of this mask is cream and it is very easy to be washed. As for the scent i didnt remember anything awful so scent-wise, it is safe! I also realized it helps to tone down with some of the acne marks. It is fading it away but i probably need to use this a couple of more times to see the big effect.

If you are looking for a facial mask that is easy and practical to use, i do recommend this one.
Particularly if you have a dry skin, the cream texture will help more :) but of course if you have an oily skin or normal, do give this product a try. I have dry skin on the inside but oily on the outside. This is a facial mask recommendation from me because this is by far, my top favorite pick of a facial mask!

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