Thursday, March 26, 2015


What's cookin good lookin? haha i just have to say that! Hello loves! A few days ago, i attend the new launching of Maybelline New York Indonesia product and of course, not forgetting, their introduction to the new ambassador. Well with the image above, you are known that the new Maybelline New York Indonesia brand ambassador is Eva Celia! When i look at her, i can tell that she is a down to earth person and she looks like her mom!

Let's reminisce back to the good old days when i was a teenager. The moments when i was rebellious and love to try a lot of new things, one of it, that stays until now is beauty. I love beauty more specifically in makeup. I remember back in high school, i was an oil tank. Literally, my skin would get so oily and dull. I know how it feels you teenage people, i have been there! but you are in luck because Maybelline New York Indonesia just released its new product, the Clear Smooth all in one, a two way cake powder that gives a natural and flawless look and hold it fresh for a long time! This powder is perfect for the active teenagers.

The event began with Mr. Yanis, the man of the event, who is also the general manager for Loreal Indonesia, explained that Maybelline understands every teenage girls personality as they are a lot of them. Maybelline wants them to be able to express their creativity and personality in a positive way. As the new brand ambassador, Eva Celia was picked because she is multi talented, a singer, an actress, she is active and talented. Ms. Monika added that most teenage girls are afraid to put makeup yet with makeup, it can create a natural flawless look that is age appropriate and the solution to this problem is the Maybelline Clear Smooth all in one compact powder. The basic makeup product that everyone needs that can withstand the stay on the skin longer.

Eva appeared on the stage and opening the event by singing, and trust me, she is truly a singer, just like her father. I love her voice! She shared that she prefers makeup that is natural and long lasting *so do i* because she is very active and she agreed to be the brand ambassador because Maybelline New York Indonesia gave her the first moment to be a makeup ambassador. 

Then, the event carried on with Mr. Ryan Ogilvy, a bubble makeup artist whom i have met in person before, shared his tips and tricks for teenage girls when it comes to makeup for different occasions such as first day of school, traveling and party. Believe me, all the products are the basic! They are: Maybelline Clear smooth all in one compact powder, baby lips loves color lip balm and hyper curl mascara!

Then the event was closed with the fashion show from the previous 10 Maybelline girls! 
They are amazing!

Now, if you are looking to read and understand more on the product, here are a more detailed picture and information. I hope this helps!

I personally love a all in one compact where it last pretty long on the face, having the power to control oil. I have been a big fan of Maybelline powder products and i have tried a lot, and this is one of my favorite and i am recommending this one :)

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