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Well Hello there gorgeous! Last week, or last 2 weeks? i was invited to attend a beauty gathering with Panasonic. Have you heard about this brand before? well i am sure you have! Panasonic is one of my favorite brand when it comes to technology and seeing me as a tech-challenge :P *read: someone who doesnt understand about technology*  and i actually am a big fan of panasonic products especially their beauty items, this brand must be good! It has always been my dream to own the face steamer from Panasonic and guess what! I have the chance to try it out on the spot but i shall talk more about it in details later in this post. 

This event was held at FemaleDaily headquarter that is located at Kemang at 10am and of course, yours truly, #PanasonicBeautyID and because the attendees are mostly beauty bloggers or vloggers, they are introducing their products range of beauty such as hairdryer, hair straightener, facial tools , nails tools and many more. The event began with the Introduction of the event continuing to Ms.Shanty from FemaleDaily explaining in detail about it. Then of course Ms. Nadia from #PananosicBeautyID explaining in details on their products. Moving on from her, it is time for a demo by Mr. Aar from Prestige Salon and the model, Jesslyn! He used the hairdryer and the hair straightening tools. Based on my "interview" with the model, she said that the hairdryer does help with the frizz and it is smoother when you run through your fingers in your hair and as for the hair straightening, because of the ceramic material, it is not hot! AH-MAH-ZING isnt it?

Now, we had the chance to try their products on the spot. I arrived early before the event began and guess what!? i have eye-d the products that i want to try *smarty-pants me*. My decision falls onto the FACE STEAMER *no doubt!* and a COMPACT PORTABLE HAIR STRAIGHTENER *exciting*

Now, lets talk more on the FACE STEAMER. Since we only had 20 minutes, so i am going to give you a more of the first impression kind-of post. So, i have this obsession at home to squeeze my blackheads or whitehead and pimples out. I know it is not a good obsession but there is this satisfying feeling when i do that. I do own some of the facial tools and the only thing i am lacking and i really want to buy is a face steamer but of course, the price is not that friendly for my own bank account :P and i dont want to spend a lot of money only to receive a product that doesnt satisfy me. Thankfully, I tried the face steamer and it is on my next aim of the shopping list! 

First, face steamer is one of the steps before extraction in every facial process. It helps to open up the pores so the extraction is much more easier. The shape is actually tiny *for my own opinion* and practical. All you need to do is to fill the water * preferably to use mineral water* and put it back into the slot and turn on the tools, and enjoy the steam! The face steamer is pretty easy to run and especially when it is me, who doesnt understand technology, this product is very easy to use, to turn on and to clean. 

With just one click away, it let out the steam and you can steam your face for around 15 minutes and the smell is just like the fast modernized facial steamer at every facial places. That is another good point because it gives me the idea of this product, not only small and handy, it is also a professional product that is similar to the good ones at the facial places. I tried this and thank God my makeup doest slide off :P 

Next, it is the product that i know i must have and everyone must have because it will help in their daily life so much! I believe that a good hairstyle *even the simple and clean one* will help and enhance the beauty of a person. It completes the whole look. This is when and where the COMPACT STRAIGHTENER comes in handy!

Let me tell you why i pick this one! I travel every year, not for holiday well sometimes it is for holidays, but yeah, i do have a yearly check up and i have to travel overseas. I always bring my huge straightener, you know the ones that salon uses. It is not practical i tell ya, pretty complicated for a person who loves a practical ways of traveling. When i saw this at the event, I know i must have this also! The size, is handy because it is not too small so it has a good power of styling and of course, to be able to hold nicely and it doesnt take so much space in the luggage :) 

The color is cute, i mean i love my some pink! It has the cap to protect the tools and of course the owner from burning her skin because that often happens. It also has the 'sparkles" to add the feminine touch on it. Simple yet feminine. The straightener itself has a pretty simple and straight forward buttons, so i dont have to figure out on how to operate this. With this compact straightener, it has two functions, to straighten and to curl, this is why i pick this product as a daily beauty saver because it is handy, it is safe and you can do your hair touch up almost anywhere!

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