Friday, March 27, 2015


Hello again love! Now, since we have all talked about Bridestory,  a wedding site that is full with top quality wedding vendors for couple to choose from, specifically in the category of wedding photography, videography, health and beauty, it wont be complete without makeup right? As this blog is devoted for beauty, I decided to share with you one of my favorite artist from their vendor. Mainly because she is a talented makeup artist, I met her a couple of times through her classes and of course, she is also a beauty blogger. Her job for wedding makeup and hairdo is amazing! It is all natural and elegant. 

Not going to deny that a wedding makeup is also my main concern when i think about the wedding preparation. All brides want to look at best and of course, everyone has their own preference on their makeup. That is why Bridestory comes in handy. You can browse through each of the wedding makeup artist and their portfolio to pick the right one for your big day. I think the best makeup is the one that enhance your beauty, not the one that turn you into someone else *haha*

Bridestory facilitates and provides options, it connects the couple to the right vendors by giving them a quick and easy access. It saves up the time and effort so that the couple can focus more on planning and budgeting.  

I personally love a good natural makeup. I love Lizzie Parra's work. I have tried a lot of makeup artist *not for wedding, just for party makeup,etc* and none of their technique satisfy me. If you look closely at Lizzie's work, you realized that her touch is natural, she enhance every bride's beauty without doing it overboard. Here are a few example of her works:

(all pictures are taken from

(all pictures are taken from

Anyhoo, i hope i have solved your problem when it comes to makeup. If you are looking for a wedding makeup artists for your big day, click away to Bridestory! you can choose which one suits your style because you gotta feel right with the makeup :)

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nancy john said...

I do think hiring a wedding planner is quite necessary if you have enough budget and it's a medium or large wedding with at least 100 wedding guests! 

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Khush Interis said...

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Mirna Kintana said...

Another favorite wedding website you can visit is ini ada artikel menarik mengenai wedding makeup