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Hey gorgeous! I have a slightly different kind of post, a special one in fact. In this post, you have the chance to get to know me slightly more personal. As you know I talked mostly about beauty in this blog but, lets jump deeper than beauty. A topic that every women love. A topic where it is every girl's dreams which is Wedding and Marriage. A tiny story about me, I am a person who puts career as a number one thing is life and i have always been like this since i was in school actually. But as i am not getting anymore younger *haha* and with the help of my mom's nagging me, I decided to somehow plan and organized my dream wedding. Believe it or not, when people asked me 'what is your dream wedding" i never really know what to reply except that i really wish i can get married in Bali with my close-st friends and family. Deep down, I know myself as a planner person. I love to have a good solid plan before any events. I think to plan a wedding,  the dream wedding,  would take years for me to plan and i am a pretty indecisive person too! So let the planning began! 

I have come across Bridestory long ago and if you didnt know what it is, it is a one stop community of a wedding site specializing in wedding vendors, inspiring stories to inspire the couples to help them to have the best dream wedding ever. They have 22 categories for wedding. Now, let me tell you why i pick this spot as my one stop solution for my dream wedding. First, i hate looking through different websites because it will only confused me in the end and i just dont have a lot of time to spend and click one by one. With my indecisive personality, it is not helping either. I prefer to have and see a list of the professionals at one spot. Second, it allows me to compare and see which are the right vendors for me. I have heard that wedding preparation are sometimes a pain and i am very picky when it comes to an important events and this is wedding we are talking about! It must be PERFECT! I personally think that Bridestory is the quick and perfect solution for a person who loves clear and organized choices and who just dont have the time to search through the media. 

Bridestory offers a quick, clear and variety of choices and options for to choose from.  It is a one perfect stop for a good solid help of wedding preparation. Of course, the vendors are trusted with their amazing and professional experiences handling the top among the top weddings. 

As a designer also, I would love to have a great pre-wedding and wedding pictures and videos. Yeap, those are the first thing in my mind when it comes to wedding. I know weird right? while some people think of the location, dates and days, I just think of the pictures and beauty and makeup :P They must be perfect. My number one choice would be AXIOO. I mean who doesnt know AXIOO? They have the best signature in creating special moments for pre-wedding and wedding. I watched the wedding videos and sometimes i cried because it is beautiful *not lying i swear* 
Axioo has always been my pick for wedding photography and videography and yes I have come and check them out whenever they have exhibition for wedding and I have asked the price. I personally think it is worth it because of the amazing result. 

Here is a glimpse of axioo's work!
To view more, click here and enjoy the beauty of it!

(picture taken from / vendor section: axioo)

axioo photography videography makeup wedding makeup prewedding jakarta
axioo photography videography makeup wedding makeup prewedding jakarta


Then, not only photography and videography I think about but of course Beauty and Health!
I promised myself the time when i have to take a pre-wedding pictures towards my wedding day, it will be the time i go on a strict diet! but of course with me having gastric, i cant do any forceful diet. I have to be smart when it comes to losing weight. I believe it is also other women's dream to lose weight and look good *but inner beauty is most important too!* 

In they also offer variety of trusted vendors in beauty and health. My pick goes to Zap Permanent removal because i am a customer there and i love their quality. Then they also have vendor specialized in weight loss program catering. I believe in eating healthy and i am going to give this vendor a try actually. They also have SPAs where you can go there and get yourself pampered and prepare for the wedding. Wedding preparation is one stressful thing to do! Perhaps I can persuade my future husband to go on a couple spa with me haha :P and probably facial too! gotta have a good clean skin on the day!



Now do you believe me that this is the perfect and best solution especially if you are a busy person like me and prefer to have a long good quality list placed in front of you and you just have to pick? Here is the place for you to be! all you have to do is sign up!

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Happy Planning and stay tune for the next post on my pick for makeup! And what is my favorite makeup style for pre-wedding, wedding (day) and night ceremony! 

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Rasmus Korra said...

Spectacular! Clad in our suits, we arrived here for the wedding and enjoyed every minute as we warmed ourselves in the comfort of good friends and joyful Holiday cheer. This truly is a magical Malibu wedding venue for a special evening.