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Hello gorgeous you! Now where do I begin? As you know, i have a customer loyalty to Bless Cosmetics and Skincare. I have been a patient to Dr. Utama Wijaya (+) who is the owner of Bless and also the best dermatologist that cure my acne since i was a kid, no i mean i have no acne when i was a cute tiny kid but did you know, my very first pair of ear piercing is done by him? Why to a dermatologist? well that you can ask my mom. Then my teenage time hit and as you can tell, acnes everywhere and I went to see him and within 3 months * it was excruciating moments but worth every second of it* my skin was clear until a few years ago when i am back in Jakarta. The nurse at the clinic at Pangeran Jayakarta was shocked to see my patient card that is very "vintage". I am familiar with Bless Cosmetics and Skincare and in fact, with my skin problem, i do use several products from their skincare but today, this is one product that I personally can say that it is my holy grail when it comes to the foundation and local brand.

I was going crazy with my acne, as my friend says: second phase of puberty haha, well yes back to the topic, i was confused, annoyed and desperate to find a good dermatologist. One day i talked to my mom that I wanted to go to Penang to meet one and meanwhile, i didnt know which skincare to choose from. I mean with the acne spreading, it is pretty hard for me to trust any brand just because i dont want to make it even worse. My mom said "why not bless?" and me went "oh yeah!!!! why didnt i think of that?!" so long story short i went and purchased the cleansing milk, facial foam (acne), healthy glow foundation and the loose powder. Yes, i have been using this foundation long ago before Bless contacted me and i agreed because I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH!

BLESS HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION comes in a tube where you can just squeeze it onto your brush or your skin or the back of you hand to use it and its weight is 35g. The information is pretty informative and it stated the expired date which is very helpful for a person like me. The packaging is not that attractive compare to others but that is the least of my worry actually. I dont care what the packaging looks like as long as it is handy, easy to use and easy for travel. It says that this is a combination of sunscreen, makeup and skincare in one product. It hides the spots and blurs the imperfection. It also hydrates and protect the skin. My skin type is very oily on the t-zone and oily on the rest of the face. This comes in two shades #beige and #natural. I used the shade natural and i have the shade beige but i cant use the beige shade because it is too dark on me :( The price, i forgot *you all should get used to me forgetting the price by now, it is like my habit!* but i can guaranteed you it is below IDR 100.000 which is pretty affordable for me!

The color for a natural is pretty dark with a pink undertone but no worries! it blends into the skin right away and i gotta be honest, it is lighter than my skin by slightly. The scent doesnt bother me, i actually forget whether it has a scent or not? but if it doesnt bother me then the scent is not a strong one. The pigmentation, when you tested it on your hand is poor. It looks sheer *as you can see from the picture below*  but when you apply it onto your skin, oh-em-gee! it has a good coverage! Isnt it amazing, a sheer texture but covered the imperfection on the skin? I realized that it has a good coverage which mean the pigmentation is great. It sticks true to what it claimed on the packaging: blurs imperfections.

The blending ability is not that smooth as i want it to be but it will eventually blend and even out the skin tone also covering the imperfection (in my case it is the redness, spots of acne, pores). I feel this product has a similar coverage to many high end products *no i am not saying this because this is sponsored, this is true!* This product is also lightweight!

When the product says a healthy glow foundation, i was skeptic. I mean, i have a natural glow and sometimes it is over glowing *get the sarcasm? i am so oily* and another reason why i love this product, i realized that it has a long staying power on me and it does give a glow on my skin. Like a natural and healthy glow. The glow of this is different compare to the glow due to my oil. Usually when i get back home, i cant wait to take the make up off but with this foundation, i tend to take my time not to take it off *which is not a good thing but you get my point why i love this product so much*

I honestly stay away from dewy and glowing products because it doesnt help with my look when i am super oily but this one right here, controls the oil *at least i think it is on me* long lasting and it gives the healthy and natural glow that i never seen on me before. It sticks to the title of the product: healthy glow

I usually complete my makeup with their acne loose powder but since i didnt receive that and they wanted me to do a review on their foundation, i decided for this post, i am going to use a lightweight loose powder so it doesnt affected my test out. 

Here is me before the makeup and before my day out and going to church. Warning: horrifying pictures of me :p BROWLESS + ACNES but you all should get used to it now. I am showing you my real face no edits *but i barely do any editing now due to my own laziness*  and i want you to be able to see the before and after *all no edits*

Alright, so after these horrifying pictures of me haha you can tell that after 4 hours, it does get oily on my t-zone especially the nose area and the forehead but, i realized by these hours, the foundation tend to slide off. I can do some touch up but nope i didnt do any touch up. You can see also it have a great coverage on my skin and it evens out my skin tone and even after 4 hours, unless i started to do some blotting then the products will be off from my skin. 

So overall, regardless, the not long lasting quality on my skin *perhaps i need to combined it with the bless loose powder?* i still am loving this product so much.
Thumbs up for the coverage and the healthy glow! And of course, it doesnt break me out!

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