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Hello there ladies or should i say "Annyeonghaseyo"*hope it is correct!*
How is your day? If you are feeling down well let me distract you from your mind :) Let's read on what happened last saturday? Beyond cosmetic is one of the skincare and makeup range of beauty that hold strongly on the green and eco beauty. It has 10 eco value and they are: sustainable growth, recyclable packaging, minimum waste, minimum chemical fragrance, no chemical colorants, dermatologically tested, no chemical preservatives, organic beauty, eco beauty lab and against animal testing.

Beyond itself has a meaning that reflects on their products, not only it is for beauty and enhance the beauty of each individuals, it is more than just beauty and skincare,it wants to make people and the environment beautiful. All the process from researching, progressing and finalizing the products are done carefully so it sticks to the 10 values and of course doesnt hurt the environment. I believe with the increasing of the world's climate change and environmental change *trust me it is not good* I strongly agree we, from now, have to take a stand and change our lifestyle and build an eco-friendly life. Eco means circulating nature and living near nature. Be kind to our mother earth!

It was a great pleasure to introduce Beyond eco beauty to our fellow bloggers. We love a good design, a good value and a good range of skincare and makeup, dont we? Beyond is a new company in Indonesia, although it has been growing for almost 10 years in Korea. It carries a lot of variety of skincare. I cant mention one by one because it will take a lot of space here :D but do visit their store in Taman Anggrek. They are more concentrating on skincare. I have tried their Angel Aqua cleansing water and foundation, I do recommend both of them if you have an oily skin *but dry on the inside* like me. It doesnt irritate the skin. 

On the event, we highlighted their most recent and favorite range which are the:

Angel Aqua is aiming for oily skin where it contains a lot of water (mineral sprout water) and angel's tear effect from milk flower that are working to sooth and cool down the skin. This range comes in Angel Aqua Cream (a moisturizing cream that holds the moisture on the skin without feeling sticky), Angel Aqua Emulsion (A pre- moisturizer to be applied to help with the skin balance) Angel Aqua Toner ( To lift up the remaining dirt and dust on the skin, of course, to clean up the pores and refresh the skin) Angel Aqua Mist ( a facial mist that you can use before and after makeup at anytime of the day!) and they also come in makeup based range such as: Angel Aqua Moisture BB Cream ( a bb cream that gives a full coverage on the skin to give a glowing effect. It is lightweight and blend-able) Angel Aqua Moisture CC Cream ( contains color capsule that turns into the skin color once blended, this can be used as a base before foundation) Angel Aqua Moist Primer ( makeup base that gives a hydration, radiance and priming effect. It evens out the skin tone, covers the pores and brightens the skin) Angel Aqua Moist foundation (a lightweight foundation with water based that gives a even skin tone) Angel Aqua Moist Pact ( compact powder that is light weight on the skin that gives that flawless and radiant glow on the face) Angel Aqua Grinding Powder (another compact powder but slightly different, you need to grind this powder and turn it into loose powder and with oily skin, it is always best using loose powder)

Now, if you have a dry skin, this is the product range for you to try, The Aqua Bloom range are formulated specially for the normal to dry skin with 3 main ingredients: micro-hyaluronic acid ( to fill the moisture into the pores to make the skin feels soft) Kakadu Plum (the main source of Vit. C for the collagen to increase the elasticity on the skin) Organic Centella Asiatica Extract ( this also boost up the collagen to slow down the wrinkle process) 

Their range consist of Aqua Bloom Moisture Peeling Gel (a gel cleanser containing konjac grain to remove the dead skin cells) Aqua Bloom Moisture Toner ( a toner to give a moisture  and elasticity on the skin before makeup) Aqua Bloom Moisture serum ( a serum before moisturizer to add the moisture more into the skin so that the elasticity of the skin is always taken care of) Aqua Bloom Moisture Cream ( a moisturizer with the texture of cream gel containing undiluted micro molecule hyaluron acid solution that is so easy to be absorb into the skin) Aqua Bloom Moisture Emulsion (pre moisture cream solution to add the moisture on the skin) Aqua Bloom Moisture Mask Sheet ( a practical mask in a form of microfiber sheet that gives moisture and elasticity)

So now you are all understand the difference between these two range and i hope i have answered some of the questions on which range to choose for your skin, I have the video on the event! 
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