Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello sugarpops! i am enjoying typing this post whilst watching Harry Potter. Yeap big fan right here and yes i do wish to go to Hogwarts *nerd side of me* Did you know that Revlon released a new product in Indonesia? Before I forgot the price is IDR 89.000 which i personally think it is pretty affordable :) I got mine a few month ago before they made their way here. These products were released in 2014 summer but hey! im glad they made their way here!
So what is so special about this product? well this is a combination of lipgloss and lip stain. This also reminds me of the YSL Gloss Stain. Probably the dupe! Amazing eh? Not only it has a great color pigmentation but it is also moisturizing. I also love the packaging. Just look at it! Very posh and elegant with a combination of black and a transparent glass. Simple, minimalistic and exclusive. To use this product, just simply twist the cap, and use the applicator. The shape of the applicator allowed me to shape the product following my lip shape. With the dent in the middle it actually help to contains the product so i dont need to keep on dipping it back to the tube to get more product which means, easy application for me.

I purchased them in the shade of 405 NEW YORK SCENE (a slightly deep dark red color), 001 INDIA INTRIGUE (a blend of fuchsia and pink color) , 010 LA EXCLUSIVE (a soft baby pink color) AND 030 MILAN MOMENTS ( a soft orange color).

ps: sorry for the bad and messy lighting :(


So lets talk about the quality of the product itself. When i first applied it, i realized that it has a texture of a gloss but then as it touched my lips, it turned into a stain. I love the pigmentation, i mean in terms of glosses and stains, this range has a pretty bright and bold pigmentation. The colors are visible on the lips. However, i realized this product need to take some time for me to blend equally onto the lips. Basically, i needed to even out the product on my lips and make sure they blend well. This is one a product that with one apply it covers the whole lips, instead, you need the patience to blend and shape the product onto the lips well. Nevertheless, it is moisturizing though!

I also realized at first it feels like a gloss but after a while, it will settle onto the lips leaving a natural and beautiful stain. I realized once you have applied it, you have to leave it a few moments to make sure it sits perfectly well. So blending wise, not so much for me. But, the texture is not sticky and this is my favorite kinda texture :)

Another great thing about this product that the scent is friendly to my nose. You all know i am pretty picky when it comes to scents :P so no disturbance on the scent department there! Since this is also has a stain characteristic, if you want to have the gradation color lips, just dab this product a tiny bit and layer by layer to achieve the satisfying color. This range has a good staying power.

However, when it gets worn off, it leaves some patches. I do have dry and chapped lips and that is probably why :(

Here are some of the swatches on my lips.

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hani nur said...

yang shade India Intrigue sama New York scene keren juga ya,harganya juga terjangkau ternyata.
thank you for reviewing :D

sanny lie said...

New york scene the ketjehest hahaha.. Barusan beli ini juga dan penasaran sama apa kata orang2.. Dan ternyata ketjeh ketjeh semoha ketjeh diakuh juga hahaha