Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Hey you! so Chinese New Year is this weekend, I decided to share with you my top picks of red lipstick. Shocking eh? i barely wear them but i owned them. I prefer the nudes to the pinks shade of lipstick both for day and night look. However, I always like to see women in red lipstick, let it be the brighter tone or darker tone, red lipstick is every women's besties!
Since CNY is around the corner, i cant deny that, red lipstick is a statement in this event. The chinese believed that when it is time for a celebration to welcome the new year, we all have to be festive, and that is when the red color is used. Red is seen to be the color of prosperity, good health, good luck and festivity. So i thought, well why not? Red lipstick doesnt have to be worn on CNY, you can wear them daily and if you dont celebrate CNY, this post is for you too! Pick the best red shade and budget that are suitable for you ;)

Lets begin!


Alright, i am so sorry, this brand, i dont think you can get them here. I received this product in my bella box singapore back then when i was subscribing. Needless to say, this is my most favorite red lipstick! The color somehow made my teeth whiter. I think MAC "Ruby Woo" also has the same characteristic. 
I love the packaging, it is so cute, metallic and magnetic.


I decided to cut the review short for the previous products :P and lets continue with this one. If you are in a budget but looking for a great red lipstick with a high pigmentation and moisturizing, look no more! Here is one of my favorite red lipstick because the price is affordable *do buy them in an online shop as they tend to have a lower price compare to the counter* and the pigmentation is superb! It is moisturizing too and last pretty long on the lips, if you are not eating that is but a little touch up is no biggie right?


This is one of our local product and their range of lipstick is my favorite! I own most of the lipstick and i love them to death! High pigmentation, long lasting and moisturizing. Let's not forget it is pretty affordable. I think it is around IDR 70.000 - 80.000. They have variety of red lipstick but if you are looking for a darker color, slightly berry under tone with a natural finish look, i do recommend this one. This product has the ability to be layered up so if you want a slightly sheer color, apply one layer only or if you want a more vibrant color, keep on adding them!


Now, this is one of my favorite product but it has been sold out all over the counter. No worries, if you are keen, you can try IG with #jualbourjois and you probably can find tons of them :) Higher price than the counter though but, it is still worth it for me. Each shop offer a different price so make sure you do a good research before buying. Long lasting! that is the first thing i realized! high pigmentation too! This product basically sits on the lips unmoved but of course if you are having a meal and the meal is oil based, it doesnt last long. 


This is probably the only MAC red lipstick i owned. It is matte and it is slightly dark than "Ruby Woo" but i still love it. Dry lips people *like me* can apply a tiny bit of lip balm, i used Vaseline petroleum jelly before applying the lipstick. Good pigmentation, sits well on the lips and great scent! The price is believe it is around IDR 260.000 on the counter. Price might be increasing but i am not sure now, so please do check the price out and if you are kind enough let me know!

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sari widiarti said...

baru pertama kali ke sini. Salam kenal dulu :D

lihat sidebarnya kok banyak banget ya penghargaannya :D

suka yang warna pink pink cerah gitu ^^

theresia fweegy said...

Hello Sari :) salam kenall yaaaa :*

Airin Ayuri said...

suka semua, warna merah nya cantik banget hihihi .

Storybook Apothecary said...

lovely picks! red lipstick is so fun to wear - love the NYX one!

stop by and chat ♥ :)

Pauline Reyes said...

I love red lipsticks! :D This one is no exemption :)
~Pauline @ NYX Philippines