Friday, February 6, 2015


Hollah! i am giving you an "intermezzo" outside beauty. It is still beauty, depend on how you see it. This look is inspired by Mary Shaw from the movie Dead Silence. Yes i am a big fan of horror movies :P and with this look, tutorial is available, dont you worry! HOWEVER, i have to do some editing because 1. you all know i can wear contact lenses so i did edit the eye part 2. I forgot to add more dark shades on the face, so i had to edit them by darkening them to use as a sample because by the time i realized i had took all of the makeup off. Nevertheless, all makeup and everything are done by me from scratch and below, this is a picture non-edited and below after just for you to compare and spot the place i forgot to add (wrinkles and shading).
It is not that hard to create this look, i just am not a big fan of old age makeup because i dont particularly love looking at myself getting old haha so i dont put as many wrinkles as i should in this tutorial. As a tip, add more wrinkles and darken them. Add some contouring powder onto the wrinkles area to give that hollow and skinny appearance.

All products are in the video's description box so kindly hover to my youtube channel and check them out! if you want to know how to get this look *hahaha* DONT FORGET TO ADD SOME CONTOURING POWDER TO DARKEN THE AREA!

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ps: as for the hair, you can use hair spray, wig or in this case, i used a white face paint and paint my hair :P which means i had to take a shower quickly after that! Did you know i got freaked out by looking at myself in this makeup in the mirror while i wanted to clean the whole makeup? *ah life of a beauty blogger who loves character makeup*

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