Wednesday, February 11, 2015


That moment when you resisted for so many months and gave in to your temptation, this is what happened! I have been eyeing this product for months and i kept telling myself "no Feegy, noooo you dont need another lippies product. You own way too many. Lets save up some money for travels" and guess what!? I gave up, i decided to get it and girl! did you know how difficult it is to find this product? I literally have to search on IG one by one to check the availability and compare the price *follow me on IG @museswonderland * and it is raining again! bleh so lets pray no flooding this time.
Long story short, i got it and i never regretted my decision after :P I dont think i owned this color before. It is a mixture of fuchsia and purple. It is a fuchsia color with a purple undertone. I tried to googled for the dupe that i can find here but failed but no worries, i found one that is 90% close to the color which i will reveal below. Meanwhile, lets see what i think about this! 

The packaging as you can see is luxurious with a "frosty" tube and this comes with the applicator in a doe form. The shape eases the application and it helps me to create a sexy pout shape on my lips. I love the design though of the top of the tube. It is unique and different. It has a unicorn logo on top which i personally think it is uber cute!

The very first thing i realized is the pigmentation. I dont own any of the velvetines so i dont really know their quality but i own their lipstick and I LOVE THEM! It has a high pigmentation and as you added another layer, it becomes stronger and vibrant in colors. However, the scent is pretty strong for me and i personally didnt like it. This has a long wearing character which means, it sits on your lips for hours and hours and yes i did try to wipe them off, it was pretty hard *you need a proper makeup remover or oil based remover for this* It is lightweight with a full coverage on the lips that leaves in a matte appearance. I really wish the color #babette or #coquette comes in this form though. 

Nevertheless with the characteristic of matte, when it comes to dry lips, i dont think it would be very pleasant as it emphasize the cracks and chaps. I always apply a tiny bit of vaseline petroleum jelly on my lips before applying lipstick!  

Here is the swatches on my lips! I LOVE IT!
As you can see it leaves my lips in a matte texture, the shape is also neat and doing this shape i am only using the applicator. It is vibrant and somehow it makes my teeth looks whiter!

As i promised you, i know Lime Crime velvetines can be pricey for some of you, yes including me because that is one reason why i put off the purchasing process although i gave in in the end haha, i found one dupe that i personally think it is the closest and is easy to find in Jakarta or Indonesia.

The dupe is from Loreal Paris Indonesia Color Riche Lipstick in #GLAMOR FUCHSIA 
This lipstick is available in the department store such as Matahari, Metro, Centro, Sogo, etc i am not sure at other cities but these are the ones in Indonesia, and sometimes you can find them in drugstores.

Okay! so that is all about this lovely lip products that i think deserves the spot on my blog and i hope you enjoy reading this and if you have any more questions, let me know!

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Uswatun Khasanah said...

cakeeep gi warnanya :3 yg loreal glossy apa matte juga jatohnya?

Amanda anandita rz said...

Cakeppp banget ce feegie warnanya
Sukaaaa <3
Kayanya harus nabung biar bisa punya ini :D

theresia fweegy said...

Sayangnya glossy hehhe tp di bikin jd matte ajaaa hehehe

theresia fweegy said...

Iyaa bagus bngt haha aku pgn wrna lain tp nahan2 neh

Natasha Juniar Suhalim said...

bagus bgt ci warnanyaa bikin mupeng >< pengen bgt nyoba lime crime dr dulu tp syngnya harganya krg ramah utk kantong pelajar kaya aku TT anw, salam kena ci feegy ^^

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anggie lorita said...

Mirip kyk punyaku sleek matte me #fandago purple ciii, cmn kalo sleek agak ngepink dikit heheh