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Hey you! so Valentine is tomorrow and are you celebrating it? Well whether you are or you are not, i have a special treat for you all today if you love some fragrance. I am not the type of person that loves fragrance, in fact i am pretty picky because i hate the sweet type of scents or the fruity ones. I also dont like the texture that is oily and it feels thick on my skin. I really hate that feeling and it is more worse when it touches with the clothes. Nevertheless, i am not saying i dont own any fragrance products though, i own but not too many. Since it is valentine's day soon, i am pretty sure you want to look stunning for your partner *wink wink* and i think applying lotion will give you a smoother skin texture and the scent lingers longer.
The ones i have are my favorites although some of them i am sharing it with my mom because i cant seem to be able to finish a product of lotion or butter. I would also like to mention *before i started to explain each product* that i dont particularly have dry skin, so i dont really tell the different before and after applying. All i can tell is i smell nicer HAHA

Anyhoo, lets begin! 

This is for you if you love a refreshing scent. The texture is creamy since this is a body cream i believe so it has a thicker texture and consistency compare to the lotion. It dries and absorb into the skin pretty quick but if you love a floral scent like me, this is not going to be your top scent among the  products here. This product has a scent of the ocean, refreshing and cooling.

Another body cream that absorb into the skin quickly is from Bodycology. This product can be found at the supermarket, i think i purchased this in Hero. This has a scent of floral, my favorite. It gives the feeling of girly-ness and romantic. Oh-em-gee! i can imagine how perfect it would be if you use this and you are going on a romantic candle light dinner! If i love the body cream, you would love it too because i am very annoying and picky when it comes to lotion and butter. 

What makes this different than the scent of bodycology sweet petals above is this one has a slight sultry-ness in it. It brings feminine, mix with romantic and a dash of sexy-ness. This is a lotion therefore the texture is lighter than body cream. I love this due to its scent *duh* and the ability of this product to be absorb into the skin is amazing! The scent lingers long too.

Now, this one here has the scent of calm, feminine, mature yet soft. It is pretty hard for me to describe but whenever i use this product, i feel like a baby. This is so perfect if you and your lover would love to spend valentine's day at home being together, cooking together, watch movie together, etc. Again, the texture is light and easily absorb into the skin and Bath & Body Works has opened in Jakarta so if you are curious, hit the store up and find the product but i am not sure this range is available here? Well if there is then smell it!

Alright so i thought this product deserve a spot in my blog because not only i love the scent, it has the healing ability. This is a local brand in Indonesia. The texture of this product is different from the other products i have mentioned. Since the name is whipped butter, the texture, i can say, is closest to a whipped cream. Super lightweight yet super moisturizing. For my personal liking, i love the scent, i love the healing ability and i love the lightweight texture but i do find this product takes sometimes to absorb into the skin well i think this is because this product contains natural oil hence the healing ability. Just a quick story on the healing part, one day for some reason i have tiny bumps at the back of my left hand, i kid you not, i got freaked out. I know it is my fault for not taking care of my skin so i decided to use this butter thinking 1. mostly natural oil so it should be safer compare to others 2. it is moisturizing. So, i picked this and i love it since. It probably took 2 days or so to see the difference. 
I also love the scent. I cant really tell you that the scent is pure green tea because i dont really like green tea taste or scent *unless it is pure green tea drink then i love it! *
so i dont have a lot of experience with it but i dont mind the scent. 

alright so this post take a slight turn haha this literally took me months to decided and search. As you know i am very picky so i want the scent to be perfect! and if you are looking for one lotion or butter or cream for your body, here are the range i own and i recommend. If you prefer the sweet fruity kinda scent then go for the opposite of these products :P As for the price, i forgot! argh but the Victoria Secret  body lotion or cream are probably around IDR 400.000 ish? the Bodycology around IDR 150.000 - 200.00 ish and the Bath Box around IDR 70.000 as for the Bath body works, i have no idea since it is an oldie but a goodie!

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