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Roughly, 2 years ago, i think, I purchased Bio Oil. Oh yes, I have tried this long ago before this entered in Indonesia. I purchased this because I was looking for an alternative way to reduce the scarring on my skin. Long story short, I didnt really know how to use this and I stopped. I was happy when I got invited to Bio Oil event in Indonesia, hoping to get more information on how to use the oil.

Has anyone try this product before? or are you a newbie when it comes to the brand?
Well worry not! I am here going to share this with you.

What is Bio Oil?

Bio Oil is a specialist skincare aiming to help improving the healing of scars and stretch marks. Formulated by Dieter Beier in 1987 and was going through under production in South Africa.
As the years went by, Bio Oil formulated even more to help and heal other skin problems such as: uneven skin tone, aging and dehydrated skin.

Bio Oil is a mixture of oil *obviously* and plants extracts to regenerate the problematic skin. This contains PurCellin Oil. It also contains Calendula, Rosemary, Chamomile and Lavender for a brighter and softer skin. This product absorb into the skin really quickly and leaving no greasy feeling. It is also called a dry oil. The main usage of this product is to heal the scars and stretch marks ( caused by after pregnancy, hormonal issues, losing weight).

Bio Oil Ingredients:

Vitamin A
- to increate the rate of collagen production
- to keep that youthful looking skin
- to increase the skin elasticity
- heal the texture and the tone of the skin

Vitamin E
- Rich in anti oxidant
- preserve the healthy looking skin
- Increase the water level on the epidermis 

PurCellin Oil
- Liquify the formulas so that it feels lightweight and easily absorb

Rosemary Oil
- Act as an antiseptic
- Calm the skin

Lavender Oil
- To cool the skin down

Calendula Oil
-Regenerate the skin cell 
- Reduce the inflammation in skin.

Chamomile Oil
- To soothe the skin especially for the sensitive ones.

How to use ?

Apply Bio Oil to the problematic area twice a day by massaging it in a clockwise motion until everything is absorb into the skin. Minimum usage is 3 months. Everyone will received different results as this product works on different types of marks. If you have a deep permanent mark, it will be slightly difficult to heal. As for the pregnant women, do apply this at the very beginning of the second trimester.

As for me, I have tried this before. I love the scent, I love how the oil absorb into the skin easily and all i need is patience to see some results :P So will update you soon because i am going to try this again for the 2nd time and this time, it will be correct.

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