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My oily acne prone skincare routine for morning and night. How i cure and healed my acne. Rutinitas perawatan wajah di pagi dan malam hari. Perawatan wajah di rumah untuk kulit berminyak dan berjerawat.

Happy Friday all! today's post is not a makeup based post :P surprise eh?! Well i didnt want to do this post because 1) i am not an expert in skincare 2) it took me a month or more to try and test the products out and 3) each skincare works differently on everyone, so i dont want to be responsible for any unfortunate events. Then, there is one reason why i want to do this special post for you. I want to, somehow, give a solution or shine some lights or just simply be a helpful person when you need the most *loves*

Alright before i share with you my morning and night routine, i think it is wise to explain to you my skin problem. I have a very oily t-zone and oily cheeks (basically i am a source of oil). I have acne on the jaw and chin area. Usually, they are in a huge bumps and they are known as hormonal acne. I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary) and that is one of the main factor that cause my acne. Lately, my acne got worse, i am fine with the bumps but when the tiny red and painful with puss came out all over the chin, jaw and below the cheeks, i know that it is not right *picture below to see the progress*

I never feel so unattractive like this before and i am sure all of you girlies out there feel the same way with acne right? Yes, i hate them! What's worse, i started to have this white heads below the cheek, so you can imagine white heads + redness and irritated acnes altogether on the jaw, chin and below the cheek. I talked to my mom and she told me to try "Bless Cosmetics" and trust me, i am not being sponsored!

I have been a loyal customer to bless cosmetics, i was one of the patient under Dr. Utama Wijaya (+) since i was a kid. Oh yes, i got my ears pierced with him. He healed my teenage acne and it was painful but i was satisfy. I didnt suffer with horrible acne since high school until like a few years back when i am back here for good. Since the range of Bless Cosmetics are created by one true amazing dermatologist, I thought why not? I have never been so happy and wrong in my life. I mix and match my skincare and however there are a few products that i still used under a prescription of a dermatologist. 

Let's begin!


In the morning, i tend to keep my skincare super easy, quick and simple. Just because i tend to be still sleepy and i tend to rush things. I also try to keep a minimal range of product to be applied onto my skin so my skin doesn't break out. 

First, I always do a double cleansing. I started with a cleansing milk from Bless then use a wet sponge and remove the cleansing milk. I happened to own this brand though. Luckily my skin is not that sensitive when it comes to cleansing milk so with any brand i am still fine. 

Second, i used the acne facial foam because of my acne. I cant really tell that this facial foam helped much or not but i know it helps to prevent the acne to break out even more. 

Third, once i am done with these two cleansing step, i spray my Avene Thermal Spring Water spray. As you all realized i skipped toner in this routine, that is because i am sensitive with toner of all kind! so to substitute the toner, i used the facial spray. It helped me before on my sunburn so i have a good feeling this will help to soothe my skin after cleansing. 

Fourth, this is when i apply my moisturizer. I cant tell you the brand because it is a prescription but if you have an oily skin, go for a gel based moisturizer as mine is gel based. 

Lastly, this is optional though, i dont use this everyday. Apply suncreen! I used Kiehl's Ultra light daily uv defense. My skin is pretty sensitive with sunblock and this doesnt sting my face. If i happen to be out for the whole day where makeup is a must, i would switch this and used a foundation with spf.
*let me know if you want to see a makeup routine for acne oily skin*

Alright, my skincare routine for the morning is pretty simple and straight forward right? I do not recommend you to add a lot of products especially when your skin is acne prone or oily. But that is my opinion though based on my skin condition :) 

My oily acne prone skincare routine for morning and night. How i cure and healed my acne. Rutinitas perawatan wajah di pagi dan malam hari. Perawatan wajah di rumah untuk kulit berminyak dan berjerawat.

Now, let's move on to the night routine where and when you are back to your home after a long tiring day facing the sun, dust, the stress and the makeup you have put and touched up for the whole day. Those are another factors that caused acne if you dont cleanse the skin well. 

So my night skincare routine tend to be more products in it because not only i want to do a deep cleansing but i want to nourish my skin after a whole tiring day. 


When people do double cleansing,  i do triple cleansing. I dont do the triple steps of cleansing everyday. Depending on the makeup you apply though, if i applied a full makeup (lashes, eyeshadows, lipstick, blush, high coverage foundation and powder, etc) The first step i do is using a makeup remover to remove my eye makeup and lipstick. Then with the full high coverage base, I would take a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm, the ones i used is from The body shop and applied to break down the makeup base. It is easier and faster with the cleansing oil or balm instead of using cleansing milk or water. This is also to protect the skin for not being irritated. Then only i use the cleansing water to lift up more of the left over. I know the first step of cleansing for my night time routine is slightly more hassle-y but trust me, it is not worth the acne.

When i have a lighter makeup (just a good based and lipstick), i always go for the cleansing water. I used Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Solution to remove my makeup.

Next, I used the cleansing milk just to make sure everything is off of the skin. Tiny bit of left overs will lead to acne and that is what i am trying to avoid. The cleansing milk i am using is from Bless Cosmetics and continuing the cleansing process with the Acne facial foam from Bless. Again, this is to prevent the skin from breaking out. Once everything is done, i would spray my face with Avene facial spray just to cool and soothe my skin down after the cleansing process. Then of course the moisturizer, basically the same process as my morning routine but Since the acne are still showing, i decided to apply some acne lotion onto the area where the acnes are. I cant tell you the name of the acne lotion because it is a prescription but try Sariayu Acne Care. 

Last but not least, an eye cream! I am trying to be a good person to keep on applying eye cream at night. I dont want to have a saggy skin on the eye area because i use falsies a lot and when the removal process, the lashes tend to pull the eyelids and i am trying to prevent the sagging process. I am using Loreal revitalift eye.

My oily acne prone skincare routine for morning and night. How i cure and healed my acne. Rutinitas perawatan wajah di pagi dan malam hari. Perawatan wajah di rumah untuk kulit berminyak dan berjerawat.

Now, here is a gory image of my acne that i never shown before. So if you are the type of person who is sensitive to gory image, dont look! Here are the images i took within this month just to show you the process of the acne going away. I am pretty satisfied with the result and that is just within a month or so. I am still continuing with the routine and of course, you need to do a treatment. Facial is one of the important treatment based on my opinion. There are a lot of great debate on facial. I hate the pain of the excretion process but if that helps to get rid of the white head (that leads to acne forming) and to have a smoother skin, why not ?

During this one month of trying, i did went to facial once. I was supposed to go again but i forgot *this is  my bad habit :P* As you can see at the end of December, my acne gotten super bad then i tried using my new skincare routine and yes it helped! My acne is not 100% gone because of my pms where and when the acne will re-appear again but having to see the decreasing redness and whiteheads, that pretty much made me happy. 

My oily acne prone skincare routine for morning and night. How i cure and healed my acne. Rutinitas perawatan wajah di pagi dan malam hari. Perawatan wajah di rumah untuk kulit berminyak dan berjerawat.

So this is all from me, keep in mind that these work on me, might not work well on you. I am not being sponsored but these are the products that work well on me! I thought i would share them with you and i hope you are able to heal your acne. If you have any questions let me know, i will try to answer them for you but if you are going to ask product recommendation for skincare, i cant help you with that :) i am not a doctor haha but if you want to know how each of the products work or feels on me, feel free to ask me :) 

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Mukti Lim said...

gi kapan hari ketemu masih mulus... haduh gw jg bisa sutres itu kalo jerawatnya keluar begitu... good to see udah mendingan ya... *lalu meratapi dagu yg lagi jerewian jg*

Nisabitah Stories said...

Darl kok bisa jerawatan gitu? Selama ini baca blog mu kulit mu mulus kalaupun suka keliatan ada jerawat paling cuma satu dua an.

theresia fweegy said...

Iya stress kan say! Mulai december.. awalnya aku hanya mau facial.. jadi aku ke dktr jrwt donk secara aku pikir lebih aman.. ternyaya sama si dokter ak blm boleh facial ktnya die jrwtan.. pdhl jrwt mah ga adaaa dolo paling sebiji dua biji krn mau dpt.. trus die jg ga kasih krim muka.. nah harusnya ini pelajaran sh.. walopun muka kita oily ttp harus pakai krim muka.. alhasil aku turutin ga pakai apa2 kec obat mnm dan liquid buat kompress dari si dr.. malah outbreak omg itu ak harus pake foundie high coverage juga buay nutupin n pake concealer dmn aku th paling males pake concealer! Haha tp skrg sh mendingan haha udah bs pake fondie biasa tanpa concealer.

theresia fweegy said...

Iyeh! Kalo dagu gw mank ud biasaaa krn mau dpt kan n karna pcos jg.. lah kalo di pipi itu luar biasa loh ahhaha gara2 k dktr kulit n die blg jgn pake krim buat apa kulit km ud oily.. gw salahbya disini gw dgrin.. trnyata jrng jeng.. akhirnya gw balik lg ke krim gw yg biasa sama gw facial.. mendingan sh haha kudu facial lg

Harum Hillia said...

Aku sempet shock bacanya sis, setauku muka kamu ga sampe jerawat breakout gitu.. :(
Tp aku kurang setuju sama dokter yg kamu ceritain di komen atas, kebetulan kakakku dokter kecantikan dan dia justru menyarankan pake krim pelembab buat menghindari minyak di muka lho! Krn pelembab sama minyak itu beda, dan pelembab jg bagus untuk menghindari kriput atau penuaan dini gitu. Nice postnya sis.

If you dont mind, see my review about the mask which can heal my acnes at

theresia fweegy said...

Iyah kan! Setelah aku pikir2 bodohnya di aku haha gpp pelajaran pokoknya mau kulit apapun butuh krim cuma cari yang cocok aja. Karena aku berenti semua krim jdnya break out huft.

Nanti ak cek yaaa thank you :*

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