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Hey girl hey! I have right here and right now the key to a flawless skin looking especially for my skin with big pores, these combination is to die for! Aside from blogging, i am a part time makeup artist. I dont accept a lot of client when it comes to makeup but when it comes to applying makeup to my clients, I prioritized the skin to look flawless.
Here I have 2 favorites products from Makeup Store for a beautiful flawless skin. Now you all know my love for Makeup Store with their products and here are another 2 products worth to try!


I love the packaging design. It is minimalist and classy. I choose matt foundation because of my oily skin. The product has a pump so you can control the amount of the product and also it is much more hygienic and practical. The price is IDR 425.000 

This product provides a medium coverage with a matte finish perfect if you have oily skin. The best thing about this is silicon-oil formula wont clog pores. This has a medium coverage but the good thing with this characteristic of a product is you can add more layer to make it full. One product for a sheer and natural finish or a full coverage makeup for night events is always the best for me. It is easy to blend and this has a good oil control on me. The color suits well for my skin tone so if you are a NC20 like me, this color is perfect for you and it evens out the skin tone well. What i love about it is, it stays and sits on the skin *yeap my oily skin* and doesnt slide off or cracked. It lasts for a pretty good 5 hours *pictures of proof below*


Another product that is a must before makeup is a base prep. This product is IDR 625.000. It hides the imperfection on the skin such as pores, redness and uneven skin tone giving out a flawless complexion.
You need to apply this before the foundation because this product also helps the foundation to sit longer.

Upon trying out and wearing this product, I realized that this product has a creamy texture but as soon as you blend into the skin, it leaves as a powdery and dry/matte texture. It has a white based color that helps with the brighten. I also realized that you need to be quick in blending so that the colors are even out spread all over the skin. I used this mainly on my t-zone where it is the most oiliest with huge pores. 
As for the blending ability, I personally find it kind of difficult but perhaps it is due to my skincare so if you have a good normal skin with a good skincare, you should not worry about it. Nevertheless, this product is still able to blend into my skin evenly. 

Now, lets see the experiment on the back of my hand and on me :)

Now lets see how it is on me :)

Here is me with no makeup, no eyebrow and acnes and redness.

Here are the spots i am applying the base prep at, yes only 1 side because i want to get a good valid result which i will cover once you have seen the progress through these pictures. As you can see the base prep has a white undertone and it looks matte/dry as soon as it touches the skin.

Here is a picture after blending, I realized at this stage, it brightens the skin!
I love it!

Then here is me with 1 layer of the foundation. As you can see it covers the redness and even out my skin tone but I must say the coverage is medium and since i will be going only for lunch, i decided 1 layer is enough :) At this stage, I didnt really spot any differences between the pores with and without the base prep but i realized it brightens the area that was applied. 

Here is a full face taken at 10.40 am.
You can tell that on the left side *with base prep* is much more glowing compare to the other side.

Here is me taken at 15.30 pm so that was almost a good 5 hours without touch up.
As you can tell, the foundation still sits nicely on the skin. No cracked or oxidation. The glow is still there and probably more due to the oil. As for the matte-characteristic, it does actually control the oil on my skin because the only spot that the oil excreted was on the nose and around the cheeks only after 5 hours of wearing it. I personally think that the base prep doesnt have a good oil control and it is good as a brightening base. 

So in conclusion, I love the foundation because it has a good oil control and true to word for its mattifying *i mean 5 hours of oil control is really good for me knowing my skin is super oily on the t-zone*  I love how it has a medium coverage where this allows me to wear this foundation for day and night events where it evens out and covers the redness *yes with its medium coverage, i must say this is amazing to cover up redness* The staying power! what can i say, this has grab my heart! And it doesnt break me out! so say hello to my new current favorite foundation!

As for the base prep, I didnt realized or took any big difference on the oil control. As for the pores, it does hides but compare to the side without the base prep, you can only see a tiny difference like 10% difference. However! I love how this has a brightening effect on the skin and it last pretty long! I do recommend this if you want to get that glowing and healthy look to be apply before the foundation!

Alright love!
That is all for today!

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