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Hello gorgeous! Let us all begin with a deep breath because what i am going to show you will take your breath away. Who here have hear Makeup Store? I am one of the loyal customer of their makeup. I know that not a lot of people have heard of this brand but no worries, i am here to take you to get to know of their products. First, Makeup Store is a brand coming from Sweden and in Jakarta it is located in Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Pacific Place and Gandaria City. Aside from makeup, they also have skincare line and body care line but if you know me, i always go with the makeup.
I have tried a lot of Makeup Store product before and i admit i do use them onto my clients so i am very familiar when it comes to the quality. Let's just say I have my trust in them! In this very post, I wanted to talk about their blushes. I own their normal line of blushes and I LOVE THEM! I got the chance to try the marble blush *which i have been eyeing for a pretty long time and Oh! their lipstick too! seriously, i cant skip lipstick at all* 

Before going in depth with the product and the details, lets enjoy the pictures. The packaging is normal just like their other blush collection with a transparent surface where you can easily see the colors and it has a normal opening. The size itself is not that big but trust me, with this size of 4 cm in diameter, you need a tiny dab to use this. Trust me, learned this the hard way :P

Alrighty, the shade i picked is called ROSSA VERONA *how sexy right?* I think the name goes so well with the blush. Look at it! need i say more? look at the marble colors! it is screaming BEAUTIFUL, COLORFUL, VIBRANT AND GORGEOUS! The price is IDR 310.000 only and you can use this for a very long time. 

Now, lets see the blush itself. Is it pigmented? Does it blend easily? How long does it stay? all those good stuff! The picture below is taken with one swipe with my finger. Can you see the color? Oh yes! look at that thick and pigmented product on my finger.

Then of course i must swatch it onto the back of my hand. Please ignore the bumps,  i have no idea why but it is cure now :P but lets concentrate onto the blush. The blush itself is still pigmented when it is being swipe onto another texture. 

In my own opinion, with my experience of using Makeup Store blush, I can say that their blushes are to die for! I love the pigmentation where you only need to dab a tiny bit then it will give you a natural and vibrant flushed of colors onto the cheek. Aside from that, it is build able, so if you want a much more stronger color especially for bridal or photo shoot, you can add it and adjust to your liking on how strong you want the colors to be. The texture of this blush is velvety and usually product with a velvety texture (thick and soft) always have the greatest characteristic of color pigmentation and the easy-to-blend ability! Long lasting? OH YEAH OF COURSE! especially with my oily skin. You know how it is with me, oil everywhere and sometimes i wish i can turn this oil into a business haha but back to the topic, depending on your activities, this blush have a long and strong staying power *at least it is on me*

Aside from the usage of this product as a blush on, it is also can be used as eyeshadow. Of course you cant use this color daily, you can actually if you want but i usually would go for a neutral colors but if you have fashion photo shoot and in need of gorgeous vibrant colors, I really do recommend this product! 

Now, lets see how it is onto my face.
You will be amaze on how wonderful the color is!

Here is me without any blush on.

Here is me with and without *just for comparison*

Here is the one with the blush on

And the pictures above, is using a dabbing motion to pick up the particles of the blush so that it doesnt transfer too much onto the brush. See how a tiny dab can give off such a gorgeous color of the cheeks? This is why i love their product! I personally think it is worth the money especially when you are in a makeup industry

Alrighty then, that is all for today's review and i know review of Makeup Store product is pretty hard to find so if you are looking to buy their product especially their blush on, I hope this post helps you a lot !
We can go shopping together too!

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