Monday, January 26, 2015


Hello you! It is a Monday and please pray that today will be a good day for me. I solemnly swear to you that January has had been a pretty much bad month for me for the past few years like i broke up in January then... my house that practically never or barely flood, oh yeah i can count the flooding that happened in my area by my fingers, literally affected by the flood. Then more series of unfortunate events happen and *le sigh* Anyhoo, I really hope this tutorial, something easy and not that bold inspired your makeup look for today!
Products used are listed on the youtube channel and now, if you want to watch this easy makeup tutorial inspired by Kim K (it is inspired, not look alike, so dont expect me to look like her )
click here

I wanted to make something more dark and more smokey but i thought hey! what if you dont like the dramatic dark eye look? and what if you want to be able to wear all of my makeup creation on a daily basis? Here is a tiny tip, if you want to emphasize and dramatized the colors of the eyes, just add more of the same color or add black on the outer v corner of the eyes. Also, add more eyeliner!

I also apologize if you are freaked out by my problematic skin haha you are lucky i am wearing a high coverage foundation otherwise, boy! you are gonna faint! None of the pictures are edited *mainly because i was too lazy*

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pstt: i am opening 3 appointments for Valentine's day Makeup & Basic hair do. 
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I wasnt planning on doing this but I think i am going to for only 3 people :)

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noniq said...

Love the color and yes, cheer up, hope you're having a nice Monday ^^

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