Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Alrighty, please welcome the new member of Glamglow in Jakarta!
The one i have been waiting for a very long time! Without anymore blabbering, lets see what does this product do? *click more to find out*

Powermud contains Teaoxi Leaf, clay, pureifier and oilixer as this is a mud to oil cleansing mud. Odd eh? well i was surprised for this new experience so come, read more. This mud gives a deep and gentle cleansing on the skin. Yes, cleansing in a form of mask. Amazing right? This mask is great if you want to do a deep cleansing to the pores especially after you have put tons of makeup and you want a thoroughly clean skin to the pores! 

How to use this product?
1. Start with a clean skin
2. Apply a thin layer and leave it for 10 minutes
3. Once 10 minutes is up, used warm water to rinse but when you splash your face with warm water, give it a good massage, the mask will melt and transform into oil where it will do a good deep cleanse onto the skin.
4. Rinse well

So, it is pretty easy to do right? I have tried this, overall, I love it! I love it not because for the mask but i love it for the deep cleanse to the pores. It is a very innovative product i believe. I love how it melts on the skin once touched with water, it is easy for me to use it to massage onto my skin, the scent is amazing. I dont recall any tingling burning feeling but again, everyone has different reaction so do make sure you did a small test. 

Here are the picture when i tried it out :)
Ignore the acne!

Alrighty, that is all for today's post!
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