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Hello everybody! Today i have a special post, well not really special, I actually have forgotten whether I have done this type of post before? you know all the essentials for traveling? Well! If i did then this will be the updated version or if i did not, well hello! this is my very first post. In a few more days I will be away from home, still in the domestic area :P but away from home. Sometimes, a good short holiday i need after a hectic months of designing, just to refresh my mind because! when I am back, no more holiday for me as I need to rush my designs. 
Alrighty, now, let me tell you my "thinking" on packing. First, people that are closed to me knows that I am a very practical person, like I will think of the most fastest and closest and perhaps easiest way out. Not a good idea sometimes but it is handy when it comes to traveling as I dont want to put extra weight on the luggage! Second, I will check the area where i am going for example, i will be away to Surabaya and then Mount Bromo *yes me n mountains haha believe it or not, i am going there but not hiking though, i am not a big fan of exercising when it comes to holiday* From these two places, and of course, after hours of googling, I have the rough idea on how the weather is going to be. Third, I have to consider the activity that i will be doing! Might meet some people there if i have the time :)

So once all of that sorted out, I will do my planning. Oh yes! I do plan everything. I even write everything down! why? well i dont want to forget things and it will happen if i dont plan. I am the planning type of person. 

In this post, i wont discuss about clothing and accessories, but, i will share with you my basics go to travel essentials kit from Drugstore brand or Local brand in Indonesia! I will do a higher end brand ones if you would like to see? Now, when I travel, i do mix all of them together because, i dont know i like it like that :P but yes, this is for you who would love to know what goodies that are affordable but good out there to bring when you go traveling.

Now, since i will be in a humid and cold area, I have to prepare my beauty kits for these weather. Not sure how cold it will be in Mount Bromo but based on my experience being in a winter area, i tend to have a normal skin but in a more humid area, i tend to be very oily. The products that I will be using should be: long lasting!

Let's go to MAKEUP!
These are the very basic products that I would bring because, I have tried all of them, loved them to the moon and back, they last long, they have good coverage, good blending ability, affordable *must not forget this one eh?!* and of course, they can be found easily on the department store or the local store. 

*this by far my current favorite foundation in the drugstore brand. I used to dislike this though but i love it now! it has a glowing finish to give that healthy look and it last very long on my oily skin. Yeap! tested and tried it on a whole day out! I ended with an oily skin but this foundation still covered my imperfection well and sits well.

* another favorite brand of mine is Makeover, I owned a lot of their products! As for the compact powder, it has a super good coverage! I personally find this is helpful when you are out and want to do a good touch up. It is somehow the dupe for MAC studio fix (based on my own opinion though)

* i cannot go a day without eyebrow! it is kinda my own doing though, i shaved them a lot so i can reshape the whole thing :P so eyebrow is one of the most important kit that I have to bring everywhere! I purchased this product for fun one day and voila! I love it! i love how it comes in two different tones, it is very versatile to all skintone (dark to light) and of course, with the wax, it lasts long on my brows *my "eyebrows" wont stay by using powder only but the wax itself has a good staying power*, high pigmentation and easy to blend! 

* I barely do eye look when i travel but incase i will be meeting a few people, I thought why not bring an eyeshadow with me right? and bringing an eyeshadow it always comes in a pair with the primer *sigh the life of an oily person* This is by far, my favorite primer! It is affordable, it makes the eyeshadow last long on my eyes for a good whole day out! 

* This is my holy grail product when it comes to local brand category. I love the basic colors of smokey look comes in this tiny palette *you know me, smokey look is the best on my eyes* and this palette is so flexible for you to wear in the day or night. The pigmentation is also great! the price is affordable but they might be increasing due to the whole economy thingy going on :P but i still think it is worth it to be carry this when you travel!

* Another handy product to have in your makeup pouch is this duo blush and bronzer! i love this! the colors matched perfectly well on my skin tone! The blush is so gorgeous that it is appropriate to be worn for day and night look! It is even better when it comes with the contouring powder because my face needs a good contouring :P With these two products in one kit and an affordable price, i cannot pass this away!

* Did you know that this is my top pick lipstick in the local brand category? i dont think i can find a similar color from other brand! It is the Makeover lipstick in Brunette Pink. The perfect nude pink for my skin tone! I hate it when a nude tone of lipstick makes me look sick. This color has a touch of warm tone in it yet it is still keeping its nude. Another perfect lip colour to compliment a smokey eye.
Of course, not forgetting, the pigmentation and the longevity that also plays a part in making the whole look perfect for long hours.

* You dont have to bring falsies though, you can alternate this with mascara. Mascara doesnt do any impact on my eyelashes, they do but not visible. I prefer just to go straight to the falsies! It enhance my eyes and you dont have to buy such expensive lashes, you could though because it is your choice, because one pair can be worn a few times. This by far is my favorite style of lash for a daily activity. Natural yet enhancing!

* Last but not least, an eyeliner to help with the falsies application. There are not many eyeliners that last long on my eyes and this is by far is my favorite because, it has the power to stay even when it is oily, it is jet black and pigmented, it is easy to blend with its soft velvety texture and the price is affordable, i might buy one more just to stock it up! It is also doesnt smudge and doesnt move on my eye area. AMAZING!

Alright, once the makeup is done, lets move on to the SKINCARE. Now i dont have a lot of skincare products to show you because, I have a pretty sensitive skin so the I tried to cut as many products as I can to be applied onto my skin as I dont want my skin to break out, i mean it is already breaking out pretty bad so i dont want to make it even worse! I am also under the prescription of my dermatologist so I cant really show you my moisturizer etc :P 

The only products I tend to bring *aside my dermatologist cream* are the ones for cleansing. Yes, I can tried out cleansing products like cleansing water, cleansing cream, facial foam but not serum, moisturizer etc. because it is important to give a good cleanse on your skin after a whole day out full with activities!

Although i really want to try buying sunblock but i havent found one that is good, any recommendation? let me know!

So the basic skincare I always bring are:

* you are all probably get bored hearing me saying this haha but I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH! it is handy as it is only wipes, small size and easy to be carried around especially for traveling,  it lift up the makeup 90% and usually i only need one sheet but sometimes *depending on the makeup* i used 2 wipes but i love the strength it has to pick up the dirt or the makeup on the skin!

*another holy grail product that i used a lot! whether it is to apply makeup on my clients, or a makeup class or for myself, i always recommended this one! It doesnt break me out, it is very gentle, it helps to freshen up the skin and of course, it cleanse out the makeup or dirt on the skin. I always use this after the Biore wipes just to make sure everything is off.

* i happened to have this at home haha but i used it, I would bring this on my traveling because it is also helps to break down the left over of makeup and dirt, just to make sure that the skin is squeeky clean! However, i do feel slightly oily like there is still a residue left and I personally dont really like that feeling but hey! for traveling and for a good clean face why not right? 

* sowwie, no pics for this one but i am sure you know what i am talking about*

Since i will be going to a colder area *again not sure how cold it is* i thought to be over prepared than under prepared, am i right? So, the other two essentials that I have to have are:

* I have a very bad chapped lips and vaseline is the number one product that helps to protect and healed my lips. Can you imagine me going to a cold area without this? I cant haha I will be picking the chapped lips probably. So if you are happened to go to a much colder climate area, i suggest to be ready with some sort of lip balm or lip protection :) 

* Yes, go for a body butter! It has a thicker texture and consistency to protect the skin. Once i had this red rashes going on my body and turned out my skin was so dry because i didnt put some sort of lotion, i mean i dislike lotion haha, and pretty much had my lesson learned there :P so now, i am bringing this current favorite body butter from our local brand! It is lightweight with a thicker texture on the skin. It has an amazing scent too!

So that is all for today, sorry for the long post, i really want to share what I bring with me if i go travel and how i packed and divided my packings. If you would like me to do a more depth of a whole packing thing, let me know, i can go to the other areas like, clothings, shoes, toiletries and many more!

Oh also let me know your basic travel essentials that you always bring when you go traveling! I would love to read and get more information for my future travel!

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